Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Thaw finished

Yes, shawl number five for this year is done! This is Spring Thaw, which I testknitted for dartfrog911 on Ravelry, and it was so much fun. The pattern has just been released (I was the slowest testknitter, and once I finally finished it could be released!), and it's a free download so I highly recommend it.

I made it with KnitPick's Alpaca Cloud yarn, in colourway Autumn, and I used 459 meters in total, on needles 2.25 mm. I just want it to dry now so I can wear it! And do you know what this means? I now only have one ongoing project! I'm knitting away on the Glynis socks, and I actually picked them up for a while yesterday and made a pattern repeat. Unfortunately, I've been feeling extra crappy for the past few days, so that's more or less all I've been doing, knit-wise. But I think I'll try to finish at least the first sock before I cast on for something else.

I actually have two shawl projects in mind, that I think I'm going to cast on for simultaneously. I've promised my mother to make an orange shawl for her, and I'm thinking of making the Murdered by Lace shawl (I forgot to tell you, but I got this pattern as a RAK present from the lovely Ginger2601!) for her, using my KnitPick's Alpaca Cloud in the Cha Cha colourway.

(I borrowed the pattern photo from Ravelry). This pattern is my first one where I getto mirror the chart on the two sides of the middle stitch. Meaning I'll have to remember to change the direction of all the decreases! I't sounds a bit complicated, but I'm sure it will be fun. And I have to challenge myself sometime, don't I?

The second shawl I'll cast on for is the Haruni (finally!), that I'll make in KnitPick's Shadow yarn, colourway begonia.

I've been wanting to make this shawl ever since I first saw the pattern, but things have just gotten in the way. So now it's finally time! I'm especially looking forward to getting myself a new pink shawl, as I actually gave away my only pink shawl to my grandmother when I last visited her. I don't remember if I told you that, but I gave her the Candle Flame shawl that I made from Garnpaletten yarn in colourway Pink Play, and she loved it. I think she loves pink even more than I do, and as my uncle (you know the one with Down's syndrome, who lives with her) is still very ill, she needed a litte incouragement. I just hope she doesn't wash it...

Now I think I'll lie down on the sofa for a while and see if I feel better. Stupid stomach!

/ Jenny


Nalamienea said...

I love how you say you "need to challenge yourself" with a pattern named "Murdered by Lace" !! LOL I'm terrified to cast on a lace shawl, but now I've got all this gorgeous lace yarn!!

Feel better darlin'. :) I'll be on and around skype most of the day, so gimme a jingle if you feel up to it, k? :)

Allison said...

Jenny you are an amazing lace knitter! I love your latest shawl. Hope you feel better soon.