Friday, April 23, 2010

New cast-on

Today my parents very suddenly decided to come visit, so I've been hanging out with them the whole day. It was a really nice and cosy day, we just walked around the city center looking in shops and just generally having a good time. As my sister lives almost next door to me, it's very convenient for my parents to be able to visit us both at the same time. Mom had gotten her shawl in the mail too, and she seemed very happy with it! She has a black leather jacket with orange details on, and the shawl matched perfectly.

I managed to pick up a new pair of shoes today too, black summer shoes with a small wedge heel. Very pretty! I love that they are patterned on the inside too, so I can feel extra pretty in secret :)

The yarn I ordered from Garnkorgen also arrived today, and I couldn't be more happy with it! I can't believe it was so incrediby cheap, I promise that as soon as I get a new job (not that I've been looking for one yet!), there will be a new order for more colours of this yarn. It is a little bit stiff, but it's 100 % wool (single ply, 600 m/100g), but I think it will soften a lot when I've washed it, and these types of yarns tend to soften a lot with wear too. I bought three colours:




The yarn is called Kampes 100 % one-ply wool. The pink is absolutely gorgeous, a really old-fashioned hue, and I've already cast on for the shawl I'm making for Thomas' grandmother. I decided on the Sari Lace Triangle by Sylvie Beez. It is my first shawl knitted from side to side, so I'm really glad I get to try something new with this one too. 

Unfortunately, the whole thing is charted in the same way as the Murdered by Lace pattern, and I've happpened to print it on both sides of the paper, so I'm foreseeing a bit of puzzling here. But it will be ok, and hopefully it will be finished in time. Thomas is leaving for England on the 8th of May, so I only have two weeks to finish it! Yikes!

As the yarn didn't arrive until today, I've worked some on the Haruni shawl too. The photo is taken tonight after dark, so the flash is very bright. It makes the beads stand out a bit more than they do in real life. But I love this shawl, it will be so pretty when it's done!

I also cast on for a new pair of socks, and I decided to just make the next pair in the Sock Innovation book. These are called Eunice, and involve both cables and lace. Unfortunatley I discovered yesterday that I need two cable needles for the pattern, so I've bought some new ones today (I actually had two before, but one is 2.5 mm and the other is 5 mm, and too big as I'm making the socks with size 2 mm). I'm using the KnitPick's Essentials yarn in colourway Sarge. As I haven't started the pattern yet, I only have a cuff with ribbing done, so nothing much to show you yet. And they will be on the back burner until I finish the Sari Lace shawl. I'll try to have them done by the 15th of May, as Christine is having a party to celebrate her 30th birthday then (and they are for her).

Now I'm going to continue turbo-knitting :) If you don't hear from me for a few days, you now what I'll be doing!

/ Jenny


Allison said...

Your yellow yarn is lovely! It is asking to be knit into something for summer! Once again, your lace knitting is amazing.

Nalamienea said...

man! Talk about speedy! I'm jealous that you get to have so much time for knitting an I'm stuck in the final weeks of class! hehe enjoy for me!