Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Murdered by Lace - Check!

I can't believe I've already finished this shawl! It only took me eight days in total, plus today for blocking, and it came out very nice. I hope you like it, mom!

This was my first time doing a crochet bind-off, and let me tell you: Two-ply lace alpaca yarn is NOT made for crochet hooks! It took me about three hours to finish just the bind-off! But it came out very pretty, so I guess it was worth it. I'm not sure I'll do it any time soon again though. Oh, wait. I think the Haruni also has a crochet bind-off...

I've more or less decided to start over with the Haruni, because I really want to bead it. I ordered some new beads this weekend, because strangely enough I didn't have any in my stash that matched the pink yarn I'm using. I'm going to pick them up this afternoon from the post office, and see if these match.. It's hard to tell when you order online!

The yarn I ordered for the other pink shawl, for Thomas' grandmother, still hasn't arrived, so I can't cast on for that yet. I guess I should try to finish the socks until then! I think I'll work on them for the rest of the day, I really want to have them finished. It feels like I've been working on them forever!

/ Jenny

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