Friday, April 16, 2010

Crappy days

Hi all! I'll just whine for a few minutes, and then we'll get on with some knitting. I was actually feeling almost normal at the beginning of this week, but the last few days have been really crappy. Right now, the worst part is that as I'm not keeping very much of my food in, I don't get to keep my anti-depressant pills in either. And I feel the lack of them, so I've been feeling really down for a few days now. I just wish that the specialist physicians would get their thumbs unstuck and give me an appointment soon, so I don't have to just lie around and wait!

Anyhow, I've actually done a lot of knitting these past few days. I'm knitting away on my orange Murder shawl, and I've almost completed the first half of the charts. It is a great knit, but I have to say that I don't get why anyone would publish a pattern like this. The whole thing is charted, stitch by stitch! 

My main peeve is that the pattern is really repetitive, so the designer could have made a much smaller chart and just told us to repeat that. I guess some people prefer this way of charting? I know I don't! But other than that it's going great, and the mirroring thing is working out much better than I had anticipated.

I haven't knitted on anything else these past days, so I have no progress to show you on either the Glynis socks or the Haruni shawl. I'll get to those two soon! Although, I have decided to cast on for yet another shawl next week. My husbands paternal grandmother turns eighty years old at the beginning of May, so Thomas, two of his brothers and his father are going to the UK (where Nanna lives) to surprise her for her birthday. And I figured that since I'm not going, I can at leas knit her a shawl, right? Thomas thinks she would like something in a bright and intense colour, preferably pink or purple. When he told me, I realized I don't have any purple lace yarn, and the only pink I have I'm currently using on my Haruni (which I'm keeping for myself, thank you very much). So I immediately went online and found a really, really cheap lace yarn called Kampes one-ply wool. This was less than $5 for a 100 g skein! So I ordered some pink, some purple and some burgundy/wine. So much for my yarn diet! But as it was so incredibly cheap, I didn't mind too much!

And you know, when I saw how little it cost, I had to wonder if there was something wrong with it. And that gave me another reason to love Ravelry: I just went there and looked at what other people had made with this yarn, and most people seemed happy with it. As soon as it gets here I'll cast on for a new shawl for Nanna! I haven't really decided on what pattern to make yet. I'm thinking of making the Sari Lace Triangle, but I'm also thinking I could make her an Aeolian.

Sari Lace (photo borrowed from Ravelry)

Aeolian (my own shawl)

They are very different patterns (from each other, that is), but I think I'll decide when the yarn gets here. I have some lovely pink beads (that I had planned to use on the Haruni, but unfortunately they were the wrong shade and didn't match the Shadow yarn I'm using) that I think I'll use too, I just have to figure out where to put them in the Sari, if I choose to make that one.

Now I'll lie down on the couch and watch re-runs of Smallville...

/ Jenny


Mary LeMaster said...

So hope you to get feeling better soon!!! My thoughts are with you for sure!!!!
Love all the shawl ideas!!

Jane said...

I'm sorry you aren't well. Keep after the docs to get you in sooner.

Virginia said...

I really hope you start feeling better soon. That sounds rough.

Your Aeolian shawl is breathtaking. It's just absolutely lovely.