Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Knit and Crochet Blog week, day two

Yep, you'll get to see me every day for this week! Aren't you thrilled? ;)

It's time for the second question, which is this:

"An Inspirational Pattern
Blog about a pattern or project which you aspire to. Whether it happens to be because the skills needed are ones which you have not yet acquired, or just because it seems like a huge undertaking of time and dedication, most people feel they still have something to aspire to in their craft. If you don’t feel like you have any left of the mountain of learning yet to climb, say so! "

There are several patterns that I aspire to, I absolutely don't consider myself fully taught yet! So I thought I would share three different patterns for you that I some day want to make, when I'm good enough.

The first one is this one: Laura's Cardigan, from Inerweave Knits Summer 2009 issue. 

The reason that I'm intimidated by this one is that the colours are done with Intarsia. I've never done intarsia knitting (you know the technique where you don't strand colours behind the knitting, but rather use several smaller pieces of the yarn for each block of colour), and I'm a bit scared of it. Someday I'll venture into it though, as I really love this cardigan. I might not use these exact colours, but I think the blue is gorgeous.

The next pattern I'm aspiring to is the Crown Prince Square Shawl, from the Knitted Lace of Estonia book:

The thing I'm apprehensiva about with this shawl is the border that is knitted separately and sewn on afterward. I hate sewing, as I'm really not good at it (I'm planning on learning though), and to have to sew on an entire border like this sort of terrifies me! But I will definitely make this, and some of the other shawls in this book, some day. It's just so beautiful!

The third, and final shawl I want to make is the Heere be Dragone shawl, by Sharon Winsauer.

The thing I'm scared of with this one is the sheer size of it. It's using 1800 meters of lace-weight yarn, and there are a lot of special stitches in it that I've never done before (including horizontal stitches!). I don't know if I will actually wear this shawl, but it just speaks to the inner teen fantasy geek in me, and I love it. I have a lovely, lime green yarn from the swedish dyer Garnpaletten that I've planned for this, and it's going to be hysterical. If I have time, I'm going to try to make this one this year!


In keeping with the regular blog topics, my sister actually finished her first project bag yesterday! This one is made with some leftover yarn she had from making my green checkered one, and it was her first try at a cube (or actually a rectangle). It's a bit crooked, but I like it anyway!

It is a bit on the small side, and as it is a bit crooked we've decided not to sell this one. Which means I get to keep it! My sister doesn't knit very much, so she has no big use for project bags, so I'm bery happy to keep it. It can just fit a pair of 15 cm dpn's, so I'll use it for socks and gloves projects. 

We haven't really decided how much to charge for the bags yet (and I think the next one will be a little bit bigger), but I'll let you know when we've decided. I'm thinking that me might want to start an etsy shop, to get a bit more exposure. Or maybe I'll just keep it on the blog, I haven't decided yet. Maybe start an entirely new blog!

Today the weather is grey and boring, so I'll just stay inside and knit for the rest of the day. Yay!

/ Jenny


Nalamienea said...

Man i wish *I* could stay in side and knit today! Pretty grey and bleak here too.

I love that cardigan you posted!! But you're right, Intarsia? EEP! Do you carry the bobbing up the seams of the project?

Kate said...

oh man! That cardigan looks like a whole lot of work, but I'm sure you could do it! It really is beautiful!