Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beads but no yarn

The beads I ordered the other day arrived today, so I picked them up from the post office today. I had to go out anyway, as I woke up yesterday with a red and tender left eye. There's always something wrong with me! So I got an emergency appointment with the doctor, and it turns out I have an eye infection. So now awaits a week of antibiotic eye-drops. Yay....

Anyway, as I said I also picked up the beads, and I'm so happy with them! The colours are just exactly what I wanted! First, the pink ones will go perfectly with the pink Shadow yarn:

The next colour I ordered is a very pretty amber. I actually have a package of these in a bigger size that I had planned for the Alpaca Cloud Autumn yarn that I made the Spring Thaw shawl in, but they were too big for the yarn. As I have almost two whole skeins of this yarn left, I'm planning on using these smaller sized beads for that yarn.

The next colour is grey-green, shimmering, and they are just so pretty. I think these will match perfectly with the Chili Gredelin Madame yarn I have stashed, in colourway Forest Fairy.

The next colour is a gorgeous creamy yellow, and I'm thinking I should probably use them with the yellow yarn I ordered from Garnkorgen the other day (the yarns that haven't arrived yet). I borrowed a photo from their website to show you:

The next colour I ordered is a deep, dark purple. These will go perfectly with the wine/burgundy Kampes yarn I also ordered from Garnkorgen (and which hasn't arrived yet either). This yarn photo is also borrowed from their site.

And if you're wondering why I ordered so many packs of beads, it's because Panduro, where I ordered from, only ships if the order is over 200 Skr (which is about $25 or so). So I have one more pack to show you, and this is one that I'm not sure what I'll use with. The beads are a really plastic-looking white, so maybe I'll use these to make stitchmarkers or something?

I'll let you know when and if I decide to use them!

I also posted the orange murder shawl for my mom today, so hopefully it will reach her tomorrow or on Friday! She has seen the photos here on the blog, and she sounds very pleased with it, so I'm happy. She's having a hard time right now as it seems like she will have to euthanize her old horse next week or so, and her stable cat has just been put to sleep to. I can't imagine having to make that decision for two loved animals the same week, so I'm really happy I can send her the shawl and maybe cheer her up a little bit at least.

As I haven't gotten the new yarn yet, I'm toiling away on the Glynis socks, and last night I finished the heel on the second sock. So I hope they will be done by tomorrow! I can't wait to wear them! Weirdly enough, the yarn only pooled on the first sock, but as a crazy knitting lady I can't help but love them anyway :)

Oh, and on a final note for all you swedish readers: My best friend Christine has started a new blog (it's in swedish, but I bet all you other people can probably read it with google translate or similar), so go over and say hi! It's not a crafts blog, but will probably just be about her and her daily life raising three young boys (they are 7.5, 5 (soon) and 1 (soon). They boys are just adorable, and I am the proud godmother of the youngest one! I'm just thrilled that Christine has joined the blog community, and I'll be reading it from now on!

/ Jenny


Jane said...

I'm sorry about the infection. The beads are fantastic. Excellent pairings with all those beautiful yarns.

Kettyblogg said...

Wiiiiiii, I´m so happy you wrote about me in your blog! Maybe people will actually read it... Please dear friend make me something nice in green and gold! PLEASE PLEASE!!!