Monday, November 02, 2009

Quick post

I'm actually at work right now, so this will be a rather short update. I haven't got a lot to do right now at work, as I'm sort of between lab projects right now, so I'm doing a lot of reading. It is nice in one way, but it's very hard to stay motivated. Especially since I'm struggling with the damned depression simultaneously, which sort of makes it hard to get out of bed some days. Today was just one of those days, I really had to push myself to get up and have breakfast, and I didn't even manage that until 9.30... But at least I'm at work now, and I'm going to work out with my sister his afternoon too, so I at least get to do something today.

Well, enough whining! Time to tell you about my knitting instead! As I'm at work, I have no new photos today, so I'll just brief you a little about what I've been doing the last week. I told you about the cabled gloves I'm working on, right? I had to frog them down to the cuff the other day, as I noticed that the thumb gusset was way too low. But now I've knitted 2.5 fingers on the first one again, and it actually looks pretty neat. The cables are really crazy, but that was sort of why I chose this pattern in the first place, and I think I'll get a lot of use from them. Hopefully it won't be too cold for them too soon!

The green cardigan/bolero I'm making is hibernating for a while longer. I'm still waiting for the yarn to arrive in the mail, and as there is a postal strike going on i the UK, I'm guessing this could take a while. I'm actually waiting for a lot of yarns in the mail! I've ordered the green one for the cardi from a shop in UK, and I managed to find a woman on Ravelry who was willing to sell me some white KnitPicks Main Line yarn to go with my green skeins! I'm so thrilled about this, as I've been planning to make some coloured items with this. And as KnitPicks seems to have discontinued this yarn, I'm so glad I found some elsewhere!

I also got a chance to order directly from KnitPicks for the first time last week! This company is great, but they don't ship to Europe at all so you sort of have to know someone in the US who can order for you. And a while ago one of my fellow bloggers, Nalamienea who writes the blog The Student Knitter offered to do just that, as she was going to order from them anyway. So me and Anna jumped at this offer, and ordered SO MUCH! And I heard from Nalamienea this weekend that the package had arrived at her place, so she was going to post it for us this week. I'm so excited, and I'll show you lots of pictures of the loot as soon as it gets here! For someone who's on a yarn diet, I'm buying a lot....

I've also finally started the Lettuce coat from the Custom Knits book by Wendy Bernard. I'm knitting it in my gorgeous Sarek yarn from Marks & Kattens, and I've only made the shoulders so far, but I think it will look very good! I love the yarn, it's just perfectly balanced between soft and scratchy wool, and I think I'll wear it a lot. And as I'm planning on using all 10 skeins I have in my stash, this will turn out to be a great stash-buster as well.

This Saturday I went to Anna and saw her apartment and boyfriend for the first time, which was a lot of fun. We ordered pizza and watched the movie Big Fish, and of course did a lot of knitting and talking as well. I managed to pursuade my sister to drive me there and pick me up as well, so I actually got to drink a little wine as well. It was just a super nice evening, and I love the movie. Tim Burton is my all-time favourite director, I love all his movies. I can't wait til Alice in Wonderland comes out next year!

And speaking of movies: I hope you haven't missed the fact that Where the Wild Things Are is coming out as a movie this fall as well?! This is my absolute favourite children's book (It's called Till Vildingarnas Land in Swedish), and I'm dying to see this movie! I've seen the trailer, and it looks fantastic. It's coming to Sweden in late November, so I only have to wait a month now.

Oh, and while I was at Anna's I started yet another knitting project. My mother asked me for brown, ribbed leg-warmers a while ago, and as we were going to watch the movie I figured this would be a perfect TV project. The leg warmers are just 2x2 ribbing, and I could almost make them in my sleep. I'm just worried I don't have enough yarn for them, I'm using an old yarn from my stash from Red Heart, which is 50 % superwash wool and 50 % acrylic. It's the same brand that I used for the cabled, green-blue socks I made a while ago, only this is a solid brown colour. On the other hand I'm going to visit my parents this coming weekend, as we are going to the christening of my best friend's youngest boy (me and Thomas are going to become god-parents!), and I've bought the yarn in BorĂ¥s super-cheap so I guess I can buy another skein then if I have to.

And this Thursday one of my favourite online yarn stores, Chili Gredelin, had a huge sales on one of their lace yarns! This yarn had been voted on to the top 10 list in the Swedish knitting group Sticka!, and she lowered the prices for just one night to celebrate. I bought 2 skeins of a gorgeous green lace yarn, and I'm hoping it will arrive this week. I'm so excited I've been looking at lace patterns the whole weekend. I'll show you pictures when I get it, I promise. And I know I'm supposed to be on a yarn diet, but I convinced my parents that this would be a great early christmas gift for me, and my mother agreed. So it doesn't count! It's like calories: they don't count if you're cooking for someone else too (or if you eat from someone else's plate...).

I'll leave you with this super-cute photo of Hobbe as a baby, so you have something to enjoy while reading!

/ Jenny


Nalamienea said...

LOL that was a super long post for a person who was just going to do a quick write. ;)

I can't wait to see all your yarn and your projects! I've been a knitting fiend this weekend too and can't wait to take pictures to put up tonight!!

kate said...

Your cat looks amazing! Do you have picture of what he looks like recently? I'd love to see!

I'd also love to see just how much stuff you got from Knitpicks! What was that? Did I hear you say yarn diet? Yarn diets can can just screw off- because a little yarn shopping never hurt anyone! :D

Happy Knitting!