Monday, November 09, 2009

Home again

After two days in Borås at our parents' we are back in Linköping again. My best friends son was baptised yesterday, and me and Thomas were godparents. The boy's name is Alex, and Thomas suggested that we gifted him with the Godfather DVD box... Maybe when he turns 15! We gave him a miney collecting thingy shaped like a car, with wheels that actually spin. Hopefully he can both play with it and save money in it. And I have to tell you that I am so proud to be a godmother! It feels like such an honour, which we gladly accepted. The baptism service was beautiful, even though the local mens choir was there to sing. They consisted of about ten old men, all over 70 years old, and they sang more gladly than good, if you get my drift. But otherwise it was nice, and the priest was very good too. And the two older brothers of Alex, Leo, 4 and Lucas, 7, behaved perfectly. I think they thought it was kind of fun actually.

So I haven't gotten much knitting done this weekend, but I've finally managed to to take some photos of my current projects. First, the Lettuce Coat from the Custom Knits book. It's turning out great, even though it's a bit short yet, but I'm getting there. Unfortunately I'm running out of this yarn too, but this is at least available here in my LYS (local yarn shop, for those of you who don't hang out a lot at Ravelry...). I think I might have to go get some this week! Hopefully it won't be too expensive. I don't consider this a breach of my yarn diet, as it is yarn needed to finsih an ongoing project. Right? Anyhow, the coat/cardigan is turning out great, I love the stripes this yarn is making! And have I mentioned I love green?

I'm also working on the cabled gloves, they're called Kingdom gloves, from It's hard to show the cables in a flash photo, especially since they're done with just one stitch each and pretty thin, but I'm really liking them. Or it, so far, as I'm only almost done with the first one. They are done on 2 mm needles, so they take a while, but they're coming along as well.

Finally I'm also working on the very boring leg warmers for my mother. They are done i a 2x2 rib, and in a very chuny yarn, so they should be done by the weekend. We're going back to Borås on the 20th of November, as my grandmother is turning 70 that day, and I'm planning on giving them to mom then. They're not much to look at, but I think they are exactly what mom asked for so I think she'll be pleased.

And for those of you who are dying to know more about the depression (there might be some whining ahead, so beware!), I went to see the councellor this past Friday. She thought that it might be a good idea to put me on sick leave for a while, but if you are away for more than a week you need a doctor's signature, sort of. And as the councellor is not a physician, I'm currently waiting for my regular doctor to call me so we can fix this. I'm staying at home this week without the signed certificate (which I'm entitled to), and then we'll see what happens. For me, this is a good thing, as I don't have to think about work now for at least a week! And just think about all the knitting I'm going to get done :) Hopefully I can stay at home long enough to feel better too, as I'm fairly certain that a big part of my depression is due to me working way too much these last three years.

I'm thinking of starting a new project tonight as well, as I'm missing lace knitting a lot. I have some orgeous pink yarn from Garnpaletten that I'm thinking of turning into a Candle flame shawl, which seems like a very easy pattern. We'll see if I do it today or tomorrow. Oh, and tomorrow Anna is coming over for lunch, so we're just going to hang out and talk and knit. It will be so much fun, especially since we didn't really have time to hang out last week. And it's fun to have something to look forward to, too!

Oh, and hopefully I will get some of the yarns I've ordered in the mail some time this week as well, as I'm getting kind of impatient!

/ Jenny

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Nalamienea said...

You sound like you're feeling better, and no, I don't think you were whining. :) Any sign of an awesome box of yarn?