Tuesday, November 17, 2009

KnitPicks has arrived!

The mailman came knocking around 13.00 today, and brougth a huge package for me, that was filled with yarn! Mine and Annas order from KnitPicks had finally arrived! And I'm telling you it was like Christmas and birthday combined to open it up, it was filled with so much goodies. I took this photo just to show you how much we did order...

Ok, I'll show you more details. I ordered two skeins of KnitPicks Shadow Kettle Dyed lace yarn in colour Wine (100 % Merino) that will definitely turn into a shawl in a while. You can't really tell in this flash photo, but the colour is subtly variegated and I love it. Plus, it is super-soft!

I also ordered two skeins of the same yarn in another colourway, called Wilderness. It is a dark forest green, and soooo beautiful! Green is my absolute favourite colour, and these skeins will also transform into a shawl in a while. I have a lot of shawls planned!

Next in line is the KnitPicks Palette yarn, 100 % Highland wool in fingering weigth. The first colour I bougth was a cream white colour, one skein, which will turn into a pair of mittens for me together with the next colur, Clover green. I got a pattern as a gift a while ago from Ulrika, Cat mittens, that will be just perfect for me! And as I love green, I figured this combination would work out great.

I also ordered 10 skeins of another colour of this yarn, called conch. It is an orange-pink colour that will probably turn into some kind of sweater for me in the future.

I also got me some glove needles, in sizes 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm and 3.5 mm. These needles are only 10 cm long, and perfect for knitting tiny fingers on gloves and mittens. They will come in handy now that I've broken two of my 2 mm needles that I'm using for the cabled gloves.

I bought 10 KnitPicks buttons for a future sweater. I'm not sure which sweater yet, but I just love the colours on these buttons, the same as on the Harmony needles. I think they will go great with either pink, purple or possibly green. Or blue. Or black....

And finally I got myself a gorgeous Knitting Tote bag, to carry around my knitting in style! It is perfect, I can fit either several small projects or one large one into it, and it has some small pockets inside for notions and such. I love it!

So, that was what I ordered. Are you curious about the rest of the stuff that Anna got? I thought so, so I'm going to show you those too. SHe bought four skeins of Gloss yarn (70 % merino, 30 % silk) in two colourways, Burgundy (top) and Woodland Sage (bottom):

8 skeins of Palette in colours (from left to right) Rose Hip, Edamame, Sweet Potato and Salsa Heather:

6 skeins of Telemark (100 % Highland wool) in colours Persimmon Heather (left), Flame Heather (middle) and Garnet Heather (right):

And three skeins of Shamrock (100 % Highland wool) in colour Dougherty:

I tell you, I actually wish it were all mine... I love all the yarns, and I can't believe how cheap they were! I wish KnitPicks yarn was available in Europe as well, but maybe it's just as well as I'm sure I would be ruined in no time if I could get unlimited orders from this company! But if it's possible, I think I might like to place another order some time next year (Nalamienea, I'm looking at you, hint hint :)

Now I guess I have to get dressed and go leave my sick-note from the doctor to my boss. Otherwise I guess I won't get paid at all, and then I couldn't afford any yarn! The horror! Oh, and my new Stephen King Novel has arrived at the post office today, so I'm going to pick it up this afternoon as well. And what do you know, I think two knitting books managed to sneak into that order too...

/ Jenny


Nalamienea said...

Oh Jenny that's so fabulous that we both got our packages on the same day! Merry Christmas to us! hehe (definitely check over at my blog).

I would LOVE to do a bigger order come the new year! I'm hoping to get an order of knitpicks interchangeables for christmas, and if I do there will be many many more socks and hats in my future! :D

I'm glad you love everything!

Nalamienea said...

oh, and just fyi... without the bag in the order I could have fit the yarn in to a much much smaller box and the shipping probably would have been a lot less. :) Maybe that'll help us do more orders in the future. :)

Kate said...

My goodness, Jenny! Look at all your yarn!! It will be a while before you need anymore, right? ;) I'm so excited to see what you knit! Happy Knitting!