Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lazy day today

I have to admit I have barely budged from the sofa today! But it has been a great weekend even though we haven't done anything much. Thomas is playing Dragon Age on the X-box, and I like to watch while I knit so it's the perfect combo. The weather has been really bad today too, so none of us felt like going out. Sometimes this is just what you need! I think we'll go upstairs and light a fire in the fireplace later tonight too, to complete the coziness of the day.

I think I told you yesterday that I decided to sew on clasps on the Lettuce coat, so that it can be closed all the way down. I did that today, six invisible clasps, and boy do I hate to sew! But now they're on, and the coat looks so much better now that it's been blocked too. I'll try to take some photos of it tomorrow when I have clothes and make-up on. We'll I'm not exactly naked right now either, but somehow I don't think you want to see me in my pyjama with lots of holes in them (Gizmo liked to climb on people to sit on their shoulders, which led to me not having very many clothes that are actually whole any more...). I doubt anyone would think I'm adorable in that outfit :)

I'm also knitting away at the second cabled glove, I'm done with the cuff at least. And Yeay me for not giving in to the temptation to start something new before one of my ongoing projects is done! I'm not sure this resolve will last very long though, as I'm really aching to cast on for the Aeolian and the Cat mittens... I'm actually thinking that four ongoing projects might be optimal for me: One shawl, one sweater or cardigan, one pair of socks and one pair of gloves. That means that it would be ok for me to cast on TWO more projects today if I wanted to, as I'm currently not making any socks or sweaters. But I think I want to finsih the cabled gloves first, so I can cast on for the Cat mittens.

Oh, and the last time I visited my parents my grandfather came to visit for Father's day dinner. He is a hunter, and likes the outdoors a lot. We talked a bit about knitting and fibers, and I told him I had found a pattern for mittens with Mooses on them. I've seen that there is a similar pattern in the book Selbuvotter (a book that I'm definitely getting sometimes, I love the patterns in it!), and grandfather actually said that he often is cold about the hands when he's out in the woods. So I think I'll make him some gloves too, eventually. I just have to find a good yarn for them. Maybe I should make these gloves for him in the KnitPicks Palette yarn that I had planned to make the Cat mittens in, and give them to him for Christmas. I'm guessing I can get more of the Palette yarn after Christmas if I want to?

Oh, and Thomas and I decided today that instead of buying each other Christmas gifts this year we'll order a bunch of books together after Christmas. This was Thomas' idea, and I love it! I have so many books I want, so I'm guessing the hard part will be to limit myself... I'm definitely getting the books in the Song of Ice and Fire series, by George R.R. Martin, and I know that Thomas wants to read them too so I think it will be all right. Hopefully Adlibris (the online site we mostly order books from) will have gotten the Selbuvotter book then, as it is temporarily out of stock right now. And I'm sure I can find lots of other knitting books as well that I want :)

Oh, another pattern booklet that I really want to get is the Rauma Selbustrikk. I love these Nordic patterns, and I definitely think I have to visit Selbu in Norway some day. I've found a website in the States that sells this booklet, and I'm definitely going to order it after Christmas too. I guess I'm going to be knitting gloves and mittens all next year :). I've told my parents that my main wish for Christmas this year is money to buy knitting patterns, so I'm hoping that is what I'm going to get. Possibly some of that potential money will go towards increasing the stash too :).

At the end of February there will be another Sewing Festival, this time in Stockholm, and some of my fellow knitters in the Linköping Knitters group have been talking about making a field trip there. I think that if I go, I'll try to not buy so many kinds of yarn, but rather more quantity of the yarns I buy. I have so many yarns in my stash that I bought at the Sewing Festival in Borås this September that I only have one or two skeins of, and if I don't make socks of it all I'm not sure what to do with it all! Especially since I've had a hard time finding more of some of them. So I'll try to think about that when (if?) I get there (easier said than done, I was like a donkey between two hey taps the last time!).

I think I'll stop ranting now, and continue knitting on the gloves so I can start something new soon!

/ Jenny

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Kate said...

I love those lazy days! Cherish them- wearing ones pajamas all day long is such a gift that shouldn't be taken for granted! I often wish that I could wear my jammies to work. Alas, I think my boss might have a tiny problem with that!

Take care!