Friday, November 20, 2009

The Lettuce coat is done

Yes, I actually have a finished object to share with you today! It feels like that was ages ago, I can't really remember what I actually finished last? The striped scarf in Eco Alpaca? No, I think it was the incredibly boring leg warmers! Well, those weren't for me, and as they were so easy and boring to make, I hardly count them. Then I think it was the cream and nougat-coloured scarf. Yeesh, that seems like ages ago! That's probably due to the fact that I frogged the green bolero I was almost done with, and both the cabled gloves and the candle flame shawl are really creeping along as they are both done with thin yarn on thin needles.

Anyhow, I'm finished with the lettuce coat. I made it a lot shorter than the pattern suggested, so it's more of a cardigan really. But it's super-thick and warm, and I love the buttons!

I haven't decided if I should block it yet or not, as I kind of like the fit right now. I'm thinking that I migth pull it a little at the bottom, so the ribbing gets a little flatter. Especially on the sleeves, as you can see that the cuffs are really large! And it does fit around me, even if it looks a bit smallish in the photo. I'm also thinking of sewing on some invisible clasps so I can close the ribbing if I want to. We'll see what i decide.

This Wednesday Anna showed up for lunch, and we knitted the whole day. In the afternoon we went to the city center for the weekly knitting café, which was so much fun and really cozy in the November rain (as we were indoors). I just love sitting there with all those nice and friendly knitters, having hot cocoa and knitting the whole evening. Anna got to take home all of her KnitPicks yarn too, and she was sooooo pleased with all of it! So I'm guessing there might be more yarn orders from there in the future! I think I've found a pattern for my orange-pink palette yarn as well! I bougth 10 skeins of this to make sure I had enough for a sweater of some kind for me, and I found the St. James top. I'm going to swatch for it some day soon to see if the yarn works, but it is about the same weight as what is stated in the pattern so I'm thinking it will be fine.

I'm actually quite amazed that I've finished anything knitted this week, as it feels like I've done nothing but reading the new Stephen King novel, Under the Dome. It is just so good, definitely the best he has written since The Dark Tower books were done. I'm about half-way done (the book is almost 900 pages long), and so far it's hard to put down! I'm a real die hard Stephen King fan, as you might have guessed, and The Dark Tower books are the best books I've ever read. I cried for like an hour when I had finished them, because I knew I would never get to read them for the first time again. And I have a Dark Tower tattoo that says Unfound in the symbols that were in the books. But I highly recommend these books, and I would so far definitely recommend Under the Dome as well. I think I might make a blog list with all my favourite books some day, but as I love to read, this list might become quite long...

Oh, and my sister and I were supposed to go to Borås for the weekend to visit my grandmother who's turning 70 today. I don't know if I've told you, but she takes care of my uncle who has Down's syndrome. He's been very sick the last couple of years, basically he is just so old that his body is getting weaker. He's only 49, but that is very old for someone with Down's, so his physiqe is more like an 80 year old man's. And this week he's had so much trouble with everything that they are now in the hospital, and my mom said they don't know if they have to stay the whole weekend. So my grandmother said that it would be better if we didn't come this weekend, as they were bound to be tired even if they got to go home. I feel so sad for them both, and I really try to visit them every time I'm in Borås. I figured I will at least send the green cabled, chunky socks to her in the mail, so she'll get a present some time next week at least. Because now it looks like we won't get to see them until christmas.

Oh, and if you see the letter ä showing up sometimes where it's not supposed to be, it's because on my keyboard it is placed next to the ' sign. This is a sign that we don't use very much in swedish, and I'm not that used to typing it. So I accidentally hit ä sometimes instead! I try to look over the posts and correct it, but I'm sure I've missed some of them... Well, I guess it looks extra swedish that way!

Now I'm going to have some lunch, and maybe take a walk in the beautiful autumn weather we actually seem to have today!

/ Jenny


Kate said...

The sweater is beautiful! You look so proud- and you really should be!

PonderandStitch said...

Wow! You did an absolutely fantastic job!

Nalamienea said...

beautiful! The cardigan looks GREAT! And I love the pattern you picked for your knitpicks!

And you're ADORABLE by the way!! I don't think I've seen a whole pic of you except for the one with bunny ears!

I'm sure your grandma will appreciate her socks some time next week even if it's not on her exact birthday. :)