Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oragnization Bonanza!

Wow, did you notice how I managed to work two z's into the post title? Anyhow, that's what we've been doing this weekend. I actually had to leave work a little early on Friday, because my stomach spazzed out on me (wow, two more z's!). I can not wait to get back to the physician and hear what's wrong with me! I've finally gotten a new appointment, on the 3rd of September, and that day can't come soon enough!

But never mind about that. Back to organizing! We've cleaned out our storage unit, and filled it with new stuff (well, it's far from full). We've re-organized the book shelves to accomodate all of our books. And believe you me, we have tons of books! Both me and Thomas read a lot, and we like to collect books. As it is now, we can't really buy any more books, because they won't fit into the bookcases! But all of the sorting has led to us having some shelves empty, and as of today, they house almost all of my yarn!

Notice the Jack Skellington mug at the middle, left shelf? That was part of my 25th birthday present from Thomas :) And underneath it is a small wooden frame with an all access pass from the Art Garfunkel concert me and Christine went to back in 1997 (or was it 1998?). We got to go back stage and meet mr Garfunkel himself, and the white slip of paper in the frame holds his autograph! Just if you were wondering, that is :)

I still have some of my heavier weight yarns that didn't fit into these boxes, so I think I'm going to get two more. We're also talking about maybe getting some kind of chest to put under the stairs, where I could keep all my knitting accessories. You know, needles, sewing thread, beads, my kitchen scales, left over yarn ends and stuff like that. But I think that will be next week or so, as I get my paycheck on Wednesday.

We bought the boxes for the yarn at Ikea, and while we were there I also picked up a great storage solution for my shawls. I bought a towel hanger!

Picture borrowed from

It's now sitting on our bedroom wall, behind the door so I can hide it if I want, and it's housing all my shawls except the giant purple one (that one kind of needs a drawer all to itself...).

There are four hanger rods on it, and it work perfectly! No more folding the shawls and keeping them in a bag under the stairs! 

Thomas is also cleaning out the closet full of stuff in our computer room, I think he's about half-way through it, and hopefully there will be room enought in there to store my sewing machine. I haven't used it once yet, but someday I will take the time to learn how to sew! Right now the machine is sitting on our kitchen table, and as I'm not currently using it it might as well go into storage for a while.

We're going to finsih off the cleaning and organizing with emptying out our bureau in the hallway that is currently full of just stuff. We need to get a key locker to hang on the wall, and just throw out all of the junk that has just ended up in those drawers! It feels so good to just get some organiztion into our lives, it feels like we've been living in such a mess lately!

Oh, and I promised you photos of the progress on the tunic dress! I'm knitting it in the SWTC Bamboo yarn, and it looks really great! It's a little hard to see in the photos, as it is so scrunched up on the 60 cm cable needle, but I'm telling you that this will be a great summer tunic! I love working on it, and I've made most of it at work.

This weekend I've also been working on my first Christmas project! I can't tell you anything about it until Christmas, which is ind of a bummer, but I think the recipient will really like it. I actually have some Christmas projects planned, but I'll just have to see if I can finish them all in time. Now that I'm going to be working full time, I have a lot less knitting time :)

And are you wondering about the India Stole? Yes, it is unfortunately sadly languishing in the UFO bag right now. I absolutely plan on finishing it, as I really love it, but I need to finish the first Christmas project first. And I can't really bring it to work, as I need the charts for every row. But it will be done!

/ Jenny


Virginia said...

The towel rack thing is a GREAT idea! I might have to pick one of those up myself. How fantastic is that.

I hear you about the stomach issues. :(

Anyway, go you, for all the organization! Looks good.

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

The towel rack is a FANTASTIC idea!! You are gorgeous AND brilliant! How does Thomas put up with you? ;)

Love the colour of the tunic dress, too!


Sarah said...

I LOVE the shawl hanger! That is brilliant! My closet has a white metal organizer shelving unit built in so I hang mine through part of that (which makes me sad). I'll have to look into something like that for my shawls!