Thursday, August 05, 2010

Ok, I couldn't help myself...

Yesterday I visited Skänninge Marken for the first time ever. Skänninge is a small community about 30 km from Linköping, and every year the first Wednesday and Thursday of August there is a HUGE outdoors market taking place there. I've lived in Linköping for 11 years now, and never went to this market before. So yesterday after work I went for about two hours, and it was pretty nice. A lot of the vendors sell the same stuff, lots of candy, wallets, T-shirts and purses. But I managed to find a small jewel: A yarn vendor that sold the swedish yarn Kampes. I knitted the Sari Lace Triangle from this yarn, it is a bit rough but a real joy to work with. And such great stitch definition! 

The yarn at the market was about half price from what I've ordered online before, so I actually caved in and bought four skiens!

Two grey skeins, 100 % wool, 600 m/100 g

Two Black skeins, 100 % wool, 600 m/100 g

I actually got yarn for two huge shawls for just over $10! I'm really happy about that. So happy that I don't care that I broke my vow no to buy any more yarn before the upcoming trip to the States!

And speaking of which: Here are our travel plans so far: We fly to Washington DC and meet up with Sarah and her husband. We spend a couple of days in DC and do touristy stuff (and shop some yarn!), then go with Sarah and Chris to Roanoke, VIrginia, where they live. We'll rent a cabin there for a couple of nights, hang out with Sarah and Chris and just have a great time. I've been promised a trip to an alpaca farm, so I hope I get to pet some alpacas!

Then we're flying up to Maine. I've read Stephen King since I was about 12, and I tell you I would marry that man if he offered to write for me the rest of his life. I just can't get enough of his books, and according to Thomas I'm blind to any faults he may have (in my oppinion he doesn't have any, all of his books are perfect). Therefore I really want to see Maine, as I've read so much about it (and no, I don't expect to get to see mr King, I've understood that he's a very private person and I respect that). I just want to soak in the atmosphere, and maybe get me some lobster while I'm at it (is there even lobster available in March, when we're going?). But here comes my question to all of my potential Maine residents readers: What should I not miss when I get to Maine? Where do we need to go? I don't know anything about the touristy stuff available in Maine. Are there any of you who'd like to meet up with us for a cup of coffee and a bit of knitting (Thomas won't be knitting, but he drinks coffee and is good at making conversation)?

After a couple of days in Maine, we're going to get ourselves to New York, where we'll stay for a few days and then fly back to Sweden from there. We haven't decided how we're going to travel from Maine to N.Y., as we don't really have any feeling for how far it is. Is it possible to go by bus? Or should we fly? We don't have unlimited funds, but I think we will be able to afford to fly if the bus takes too long. I'd really appreciate any input!

Anyway, now I'm going to have some dinner and then go to bed. Thank God it's Friday tomorrow, I'm really exhausted this week! But the weekend should be much fun, as one of my friends is getting married! It's an outdoor wedding, so we're really hoping the weather will be fine!

/ Jenny


Virginia said...

Ooh, pretty yarn!

Bus from Maine to NYC? I don't know if it is possible, but I can help you look it up.

Oddly, my daughter was born in Roanoke, VA and I used to work there, back in 2004-2005. My husband and I very nearly moved there, but decided on NYC instead.

And Roanoke is full of some really good friends of mine. It's a cute town. I think you'll like it.

and YAY! NYC! :)

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

YAY! I like your Itinerary and it makes me excited just reading about it!!

You may look in to a commuter train between maine and nyc. the website is . Which city in Maine are you staying in?

The yarn is gorgeous, as always. (maybe more gorgeous because it was forbidden? hehe!) 100% wool you say? hmmmm... is it fingering weight? did you say? lol