Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ribbit ribbit ribbit

Today I've learned the importance of trying things on as you knit. The Paper Dolls sweater is all but finished, I have about 1/2 inch ribbing on the collar left. So I decided to actually try it on. And boy, is there lots of stuff wrong with this one:

1) The collar is WAY too tight. It would barely fit over my head.
2) The decreases right before the collar, after the doll patterning, are way too tight too. The dolls are all crumpled together, and the sweater looks like it's too short over the shoulders (the neck is way too wide).
3) The waist decreases were way too few. The sweater fits me as well as a sack.
4) The sweater is way too long, it could almost be a dress. While that could be cute, it's not what I was going for.
5) The arms are too tight. The corrugated ribbing is apparently something I'm not good at.
6) The ribbing at the bottom of the sweater is also too tight. This also contributes to the sack fitting of the sweater.

I really don't think that any amount of blocking will fix all this. So. I've decided to frog it. Four weeks' worth of knitting. Yay. I think I'll start over and make me another one, although I'm not sure I'll do it right away. I'm thnking of trying to make it from the top down, but I'm not sure I'm up for all that math. I guess I'll just have to change the increases and decreases in the pattern.

I think I'll knit some lace to cheer me up!

/ Jenny


Virginia said...

Oh no! I love the colors you chose for this, but yeah, I can see the fit issues.

That is so annoying. I'm sorry that you're having to frog it. Sigh.

Allison said...

Oh so sad that all that work is going down the drain! I love the colors you chose though and hope you'll attempt to make another one someday!

Erin Wallace said...

It's so pretty it's a shame you have to frog it! but I am amazed it only took you a month - this would take me at least a year with my project ADD!

xo Erin

Caffeine Girl said...

I don't know how you can bear to rip out so much lovely knitting! This is why I've been so afraid to do a sweater; it seems so risky to me.

Any news on your stomach? Do you know the blog Virginia is For...? She's having stomach troubles, too.