Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maybe we should turn this thing into a weekly event?

Hi everyone! Long time no seen! I tell you, I'm just so completely beat when I get home from work, I just can't find the energy to write. And the past two weekends have also been super busy, although fun busy, so I just haven't had time to update in a while. But this weekend is all about relaxing and hanging out with my husband, as it seems that we hardly see each other any more.

But I have some time to update today, and I actually have some knitting progress to show you. I'm almost done with my Paper Dolls sweater!

I'm starting the dolls pattern today, and hopefully I can finish the whole thing tomorrow. I've knitted a lot on it at work, mostly on the breaks, but the afternoons have been pretty slow the past few weeks so I get to knit a row or two in between patients. This stockinette knitting is perfect for that! I love the sweater, and I can't wait to get to show it off finished at work!

And speaking of work: The county is hiring one or two biologists at the beginning of September! I sent my application in this Thursday, and I hope to hear from the bosses some time next week, or the week after. I'm more than qualified for the job, and one extra thing speaking in my favour is that I'm actually working with the boss right now, so she definitely knows who I am. At least, I hope that's working in my favour :)

And I also finally got a new appointment at the gastroenterology unit at the hospital, to get my lab answers from the endoscopy I did at the beginning of May. I really hope that they've found something that can be treated, or at least managed in some way, so my stomach can start functioning again. I think that that is a very big reason to why I'm so completely exhausted all the time, and it would be really nice to actually get some energy back!

Now I'm going to get dressed and go shop at the local farmer's market with Thomas, and then it's a day for just the two of us. If I finish the sweater tomorrow, I'll be back then!

/ Jenny

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Virginia said...

The sweater looks gorgeous! And I totally understand about the whole not having energy to blog after a full work day.

It has recently been suggested to me that my stomach troubles are caused by endometriosis. So we're currently looking into that.