Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time for new photos!

I slept for most of Tuesday, and felt much better in the evening, so I guess I wasn't really that sick... It was probably fatigue from when the stress left me after the weekend. I went to work as usual yesterday, and today I'm working from home, mostly reading articles about macrophages and gold absorption. Interesting, right?

I'm really glad I felt better yesterday, as there was going to be a knitting café at Garnverket. I went there very anticipating, only to arrive and find out that it had been cancelled. The girl who was supposed to fix coffee and cake, and keep the store open until 19, was sick witht he flu, so the store had to close at 18 instead. We were very welcome to stay until then and sit and knit and talk, but there were no cakes available. Most of the knitters then went to Espresso House instead, but a few of us who weren't really that hungry for cake anyhow (I'm intolerant to gluten, so I don't eat a lot of cake at all) stayed. I was really happy to get a chance to talk a little bit to Ulrika (alias progg), who is just the most generous person I've met! She had brought another batch of yarn for me that she said she had no use for, so she gifted me with 9 skeins (thats right 9 SKEINS!!!) of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a lovely caramel colour, one skein of Noro Silk Garden, and some left-overs Malabrigo lace in a dark blue, almost charcoal colour. I unpacked them when I came home and just sat on the couch petting them for a while! Thank you so much Ulrika, you are just the sweetest peach!

Cotton Fleece:

Noro Silk Garden (which is already turning into a shawlette):

And Malabrigo Lace:
I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I bought two skeins of a very lovely Viking of Norway Eco Alpaca. I'm turning this into a slim winter scarf, and it's such a fast knit with this chunky yarn. I'm thinking of giving it as a christmas present to my mother in law, if I can bear to part with it. It's just so incredibly soft! And I think the scarf looks pretty neat too.

I've started antother project as well, I think I might suffer from starteritis. I'm using my Drops Eskimo wool for a needle storage unit. This part is knitted in plain stockinette, and will be felted to prevent the needles from poking through so easily. Then I'm going to knit two cables and attach them, which will function as the actual holders. A finished version of this can be found here and here. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn, and Garnverket didn't have the colours right now (I ordered two skeins of each colour yesterday), so this is hibernating for a week or so. This is what it looks like so far (of course blogger insisted on turning this picture too. It isn't oriented this way in my computer, anyone knows why blogger turns it around?):

And what about my socks? Well, they are also hibernating, but I think I'll pick them up again once I finish the scarf and the shawlette. Maybe.

/ Jenny

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windspirit said...

Wow, you really scored!! What a generous friend you have!

Glad to read that you're feeling better already :)