Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Three month anniversary!

Today I've written this blog for three months! Wehoo! I've made 47 posts, including this one, which is a little bit more than 15/month, which I think is really good. It's so much fun to have actual readers as well, that don't include my mother or sister (as they are almost obliged to read...). So thank you to all who read and comment, I hope you find something interesting at least once in a while!

As I'm on my lunch break at work, this post will be short. I just thought I would tell you about my experience with my new acrylic needles. I LOVE them! After I switched to my Harmony Wood from metallic and plastic needles this summer, I thought I would never knit with anything but wooden needles ever again. But I was wrong, these needles are just as comfortable! I've only tried the 3.5 mm needle yet, and since it's so thin it is slightly bendy, which I love. The thicker needles don't have any bend in them, but as they are just as sharp as the wooden needles I don't think that will matter much. So I guess I'll have to alternate between the different qualities now (well, I won't alternate in a single project, as I'm guessing my gauge will differ slightly between the different materials). But I'm so happy I got these, I guess when they come to Europe I might order some thinner, fixed circulars in this material as well (if they will be made as such, I haven't checked yet), and maybe some thicker needles as well. But that will probably not be until after christmas.

Now I'll get back to work. I'll hopefully return tomorrow with a book update (yes, I've ordered some knitting books, but I'll tell you all about them when they arrive).

/ Jenny


Kate said...

Congratulations on the three months! I love your blog and can't wait to read more about your yarny adventures!

Nalamienea said...

Congratulations! :) I'm knitting on some acrylic needles right now too and I think they're older ( I bought them used on ebay). They're kinda... sticky... if that makes sense. They're the only 10.5's I have at the moment though, so I'll live with it. Are yours sticky?

Anna said...

Åhå, stickböcker! Gissar då att böcker OM garn inte räknas inom samma budget som garn! ;) Tack för ikväll, det var mycket trevligt att du var där!
Ses imorgon!