Monday, September 28, 2009

New needles!

A while ago a woman on Ravelry, KnitFitKnitter, offered up some new KnitPicks Options Zephyr needles for sale. She had bougth a full set (9 sizes!) and didn't like them, so she advertised them on the KnitPicks Lovers' forum on Ravelry. I asked her if she would consider shipping them to Sweden, and for $10 extra to pay for the shipping, I got to buy them. Today they finally arrived! They are gorgeous, see-through acrylic needles, with a slight bend to them as they are a bit soft. Unfortunately I have to work, and I can't wait until I get to go home and try them out!

I'll leave you with the picture of them that KnitPicks have on their site, as I haven't had a chance to photograph mine yet:

I think I am one of very few people in Sweden who has actually got these this soon, as they haven't been released in Europe yet! I'm so happy!

/ Jenny

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Kate said...

Ohhhhh congratulations! Your fingers must be itching to knit with them! I haven't heard how those needles are to work with- will you give us an update!?