Sunday, September 20, 2009

Best. Present. Ever.

Ok, good news first: When I had my licenciate seminar a week ago, my co-supervisor from AstraZeneca, Karin, told me she had bought me an exam gift, but that it hadn't arrived in the mail yet and would come directly to me via mail. I was very glad that she had bothered to buy me something at all, so when I got a note from the post office that they had a package for me, I thought that this would be the aforementioned gift. I know that Karin does pottery as a hobby, so I thought that it might be something she had made me herself. You can imagine how surprised I was when I opened it and found a hand-made pottery yarn-bowl from KnitWitch inside! I had mentioned KnitWitch in passing to Karin a few weeks ago when we were discussing hobbies over lunch, and she had remembered and actually bought me a yarn bowl! I am just beside myself, it is SOOO gorgeous. And as I know how expensive they are with the shipping to Europe, I'm just so grateful! Have I got the best supervisor or what?!

The yarn bowl works like this: It has a little hole on one side, where you thread your yarn through. Then you have your skein or ball in the bowl and just pull the thread through the hole while you knit, and the yarn stays in the bowl and doesn't dance all over the floor (and thereby doesn't collect any dust lying around). It might seem like a little bit useless, but it is actually very good to have when you're not such a big fan of cleaning your house (as I'm sorry to admit I'm not...). Plus, it's a handmade pottery bowl, and is very beautiful to look at. I'm going to keep mine on the couch table even when I'm not using it.

Unfortunately, I also have some boring news (well, not really news...). I seem to have acquired an inflammation in my left arm, as it has been hurting like h*** for four days now. And I have absolutely no idea what I've done to cause this! The arm hurts from shoulder to palm, and painkiller pills doesn't seem to help either. I think I will have to call the doctors clinic tomorrow and find out what's wrong. The worst thing is that it's inhibiting my knitting, as I can't knit for very long without the arm hurting. On the other hand, it hurts when I don't knit either, so I might as well knit while it hurts anyway...

I'll leave you with a darling photo of Hobbe appreciating my Alpaca yarn (he was actually using it as apillow, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera...

/ Jenny


Nalamienea said...

What a beautiful bowl!! :) Lucky girl!

And thank you so much for the offer of that half skein of black! That would be perfect for colourwork! :) Would you like me to send you a few dollars to help with shipping?

Thanks again so much!!

Kate said...

I am so envious of your yarn bowl! I've wanted one for so long... Love the blog!