Thursday, September 24, 2009

Going to the sewing festival!

Today me and my sister is going south to Borås to visit my parents over the weekend, and tomorrow I'm going to the sewing festival there! Yay! It's going to be so much fun, and thankfully I get my paycheck tomorrow so I can actually shop a little. There are going to be a lot of yarn vendors there, and I have three goals: I want to buy some yarn of pure silk, I would like some cashmere yarn, and I would like to find some yarn that comes in hanks, so I can use my new swift! I think I might be able to achieve at least two of them (I'm not sure about the silk). There is at least one booth that will sell some banana fiber yarn, and I'm guessing that I won't be able to resist that either. I'll tell you all about it after the weekend!

This past Monday I was at a café in town and had coffee (well, I had hot cocoa, I don't drink coffee) with Désirée, a knitter who found my blog and wanted to meet me. I thought this was so much fun, and of course I agreed to meet her, and we had a really nice time. I made myself a new motto this summer: You're never too old to get new friends. And this meeting really went in line with that! I think us swedes tend to be a bit on the shy side, and I actually don't know that many people who would actually ask to meet someone after just reading their blog like that, and I'm SO thankful that Dési did it! I hope we will see each other again soon!

And yesterday there was a new knitting café with Linköping Knitters. I went there a bit early, because I wanted to go to Garnverket first to buy some yarn that I had ordered. When I got there, Anna was sitting in the store knitting, so we started talking. She is also a new Linköping Knitter, and we get along very well. She had decided that she didn't have the time to go to the café yesterday, she had too much studying to do, so she had sat down in the store instead and talked some to Ulrika (the wonderful progg on Ravelry, who by the way has actually gotten a job at Garnverket - talk about a dream job!). I ended up staying in the store for about an hour, just chatting away with Anna and Ulrika, and of course buying some yarn. I had ordered two skeins of each three colours of Drops Eskimo wool that I'm using for my needle storage unit that is going to be felted, so I bought those. And a small ball of Rowan Classich Cashsoft 4-ply (57 % merino/33 % acrylic microfiber/10 % cashmere) fell into my shopping bag as well. Completely by accident, I swear! But as it lay there, I didn't have the heart to separate it from it's newfound Eskimo friends, so it went home with me as well. I now have two of these balls, and I'm thinking of making me some lace gloves from it.

After about an hour at garnverket, I went down to Espresso House and met up with the other knitters. It was a rally cozy meeting, we weren't very many people, and there were actually three new members there. So now I'm not the newest in the flock any longer! I really love the casual feeling of Linköping Knitters, there is no membership fees, and you don't have to tell anyone if you're coming or not. You can just show up when you feel like it, no strings at all. So I think I sat there for over two hours, just knitting and chattering away with the girls and boys!

And when I came home I finally finshed the cabled scarf I've made from the Eco-Alpaca. It is just so incredibly soft! I've decided to give it to my mother-in-law as a too-early christmas gift/too late birthday gift (her birthday was on Sept 3, but I've actually not seen her since then). I'm having a little bit of a hard time separating from this yarn, but I figure that this gives me an excuse to actually buy more of it!

I think I've discovered why my arm has been hurting as well. I think I've sat in a very bad position when I've worked on my tiny laptop, especially as I've been using it a lot before the seminar. I have now changed my position, and I've also found a mouse to use, to relieve my left arm some (otherwise I use it to right-and-left-click on the mouse pad), and it actually feels a bit better. My sister dragged me to a spinning class this last Tuesday, and I have to say that the arm hurt quite a bit afterwards. I've never done spinning before, and since I haven't gotten the technique yet I tended to lean a bit too much on my arms. I'm not sure spinning is for me thouhg, as I actually hate bicycling, but I guess I'll give it antoher shot. The start classes are free until the end of october, so I guess I'll go until then at least.

Now I'm going to start packing for the weekend. I wonder how much knitting stuff I can bring without seeming totally crazy? I wonder if I care?

/ Jenny


Ulrika said...

Jag har gått igenom listan med utställare jag fick av dig och önskar verkligen att jag kunde slinka ner i din packning...
Du måste kolla i Nysta's monter, de lär ha fina silkegarner och annat livsnödvändigt och vackert!Och Butik Bolla, de har underbara knappar, spetsar och band!
Ha en underbar helg vännen!

Kate said...

You know what is too funny? When I saw that you were from Linkoping I thought "I wonder if she knows Ulrika?" But then I dismissed the thought as too small. "She can't know Ulrika, don't just assume that because it's the same city that they know each other." Then I read an older post and was shocked to read about "Progg"!!! What a small world!!!

windspirit said...

I ♥♥♥ your cabled scarf! Your mother-in-law is so lucky!