Friday, July 09, 2010

My computers are cursed, I tell you! Cursed!

Yep, Thomas' old laptop that I've been using since my pink one broke down, died on me this past Monday! Can you believe it?! It's the second computer that went dead on me since April! Luckily I've since my pink one died gotten Dropbox, so I've saved most of my files there. This time I don't think I lost any patterns at least!

So now I'm borrowing Thomas' new laptop, but I'm a bit scared that I'll curse this one too. Also, this computer has a newer Windows version than what I'm used to, and it can't read my camera memory card, so you'll get no photos from me today. I'm going to cave in and buy a new hard drive for the pink computer, so hopefully it will be fixed some time next week or so.

I've been visiting my parents for a few days this week, and got A LOT of knitting done. I've finished my Guinevere gloves, and they are gorgeous! Of course I can't show them to you, as I can't load any photos, but you'll have to take my word for it. I'm going to make lots more of the gloves from Laris design in the future!

Other than that I haven't really done much in Borås, other than hanging out with my mother. I got to meet Christine (my best friend from home) and two of her boys, but unfortunately the youngest had already fallen asleep for the night when I got there. Alex turned one years old on Wednesday (he's our godson), and he looked like a real cutie pie in his bed! It is always my priority to visit them when I'm in Borås!

Now we're going to fix us some food, the heat is still here so we're barbecueing tonight. I'll see you all next week, hopefully from a working computer!

/ Jenny


The Knitwit Knitter said...

You have to fix the pink laptop!! I wanted my laptop to have a pink skin but my husband said not to because our son and himself might have to be seen in public using it. Wimps. lol

Virginia said...

I'm like that with electrical equipment also. It's scary.

Lightbulbs, watches, microwaves, computers... er... I killed a car's electrical system once. Oops.