Monday, July 05, 2010

Another FO bites the dust!

Or rather, another FO done! I just cast off the Kai-Mei socks

I love them! And they are just for me! They are made with 1.1 skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock yarn, in colourway Aslan. I have another 1.9 skeins left of the yarn, which means I can make another pair of socks from it. Yay! Anyway, the socks are really comfortable and soft, and I bet they'll get incredible after I wash them. I generally don't block my socks, as they just get unblocked every time I need to wash them, but these look really good even fresh off the needles.

Yesterday my mother-in-law and youngest brother-in-law came to visit, so we spent last night at the cabin just barbecueing up some ribs with salad and corn on the cobs. The weather has been so great these past two weeks, so we're really taking advantage of it. Unfortunately my stomach gave up on me last night (again), so I've spent the better part of today just hanging out in the shade with my knitting. At least I've got a FO to show for it! Thomas, Annika and William went to Ikea and bought a couch-that-turns-into-a-bed (I don't know the english word for it, someone please educate me?) for the cabin. I'm very excited to go there to actually see it in person! 

However I'm planning on visiting Borås for a few days this week, as Thomas is going back to work tomorrow. I have some friends that I didn't get to see for Midsummer, so I thought I would g visit them while I still have some free days left (Christine, I'm looking at you). Also, our god-child Alex is turning one on Wednesday! I can't believe how fast time has gone past, it seems like it was just the other day that I got to see him for the first time! Apparently he's running around at full speed already! I'll try to get some photos of him and his brothers this time so I can show you the incredible cuteness that they are!

Now I'm going to hang out with my brother-in-law (who actually asked if I could knit him a pair of socks, isn't he adorable! He's fourteen and just simply awesome), who's playing AVP on our X-box right now :)

/ Jenny


Virginia said...

Couch that turns into a bed = sofa bed (or sofabed) in English.

The socks look lovely!

And yes, look us up when you're in NYC. We'll be here. I'm happy to give advice on the good touristy things and the insider things you should do.

Sorry about your tummy. I've been doing a little better, but the stress of last night has had me backsliding today.

Kate said...

Lovely socks! I'm so glad that you made them for yourself! There's nothing better than handknits for the feet!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

Jenny your socks are GORGEOUS and I'm totally jealous. Enjoy your family, but I missed you this weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

The couch that turns into a bed is also called a Hide-a-bed.

I don't recommend that you try flying cross country in your adventures in the US, the cost of airline tickets will drain your bank account. It's a big country and your potential itinerary covers a lot of miles and takes a lot of travel time. If you have the time and money though, go for it! It would be a fun trip!