Saturday, July 03, 2010

Hot hot hot!

I think we've had around 30 Centigrades today, it's been a real scorcher! Me and Thomas have spent the day at the cabin, just hanging out in the shade. And you know what: I finished the Gala shawl last night! It's been blocking today while we were away, and I just unpinned it!

It was a real hell to pin out! I love the look of it, and it feels ok to wear even though it is a little scratchy, but I think that will disappear with wear. I did hate working with the yarn (Pälsull from Östergötlands Ullspinneri) though, it was sooo splitty and shed a lot! It was a bit rough on my hands too, and I'm very glad to be done with it! It looks really pretty though, and the colour is probably my very favourite shade of green.

Now that I finished this one, I spent the afternoon working on the Kai-Mei socks. I'm just about to work the heel, so if I plug at it I should be done tomorrow or so. The FO's are just flying off the needles! I think that the India stole that I begun a while ago will take a little more time though. I'm really looking forward to working on that one again, as I really love that yarn (Chili Gredelin Simone).

Oh, and I almost forgot! My last yarn order for a while arrived in the mail on Thursday! Three gorgeous skeins of Wollmeise 100 % fingering weight, 150 g in each skein. 

Colourway Aquarius

Colourway Minze

I ordered these last Friday morning, just before we went to the cabin and I got my surprise party and gift, so I didn't know that I actually need to start saving my money! But this was my last purchase for a while! The only exception will be if Chili Gredelin updates her shop with some Madame yarn that I can't resist. So far the colours that have been up for sale this summer haven't really spoken to me though, which is just as good. Maybe there won't be any colours I like at all? I'm not sure which to hope for!

I spent the day photographing some of the amazing flowers that grow at the cabin. I just can't believe it's all ours! The greenery is just so pretty out there, and I'll share some of it with you now. I have no idea what any of them are named, especially not in english, but I know they are pretty!

/ Jenny


The Knitwit Knitter said...

Oh those flower pics are so pretty!!! Great job on the shawl!!!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

oh Jenny the shawl is beautiful!! You are so incredibly talented with the lace knitting. An inspiration! I've picked up my Icarus again thinking "Jenny can do this, so can i!" hehe

and the flower photos are gorgeous too! :D

Kate said...

Wow, what a beautiful shawl! And lovely flowers - I've really enjoyed reading about your new cabin!

Varkenoch said...

På svenska heter de, uppifrån och ner: Praktlysing, studentnejlika, blåklocka, och så är det någon form av ros vilket är jag dålig på, sedan två liljor (finns förstås uppdelningar och namn osv men det är jag också dålig på) och sist men inte minst är det stjärnflocka. Det är riktigt fina växter, sanna kulturväxter som verkligen hör hemma kring ert fina torp!

Virginia said...

really gorgeous shawl and flowers. :)

gibknitty said...

that shawl is gorgeous!!!