Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's been a while since I wrote, hasn't it?! I didin't realise that it had been almost two weeks until yesterday, so I think it's definitely about time for another post. I've been back at work for almost two works, and I'm just exhausted when I get home in the afternoon! Most days I just collapse on the couch and sleep for an hour or so before I'm remotely human again. But work is a lot of fun, and I meet so many nice people (about 50 patients each day...). I just think that I might not be cut out for a full time job, maybe I should aim for a 75 % employment in the future.

Anywhoo, I haven't done a lot of knitting these past few days. I knit a bit on the Paper Dolls sweater when I have breaks at work, but the corrugated ribbing took me forever! I'm done now and have started the waist decreases, so now it's going a bit faster.

Did I even tell you that I cast on for this one last week? I needed something with lots of stockinette that I could knit on at work, and this suits me fine. I love the pattern, and I'm knitting it in KnitPicks Palette yarn. The main body will be black, the paper dolls will be bright pink (the colourway is called Lipstick), and the other patterns will be pale green (the colourway is called Edamame). 

I'm using 3 mm needles, so it's going to take me a while! I'm not completely convinced that I like the I-cord cast on though, it's made my first row of knit stitches look really loose and sloppy. Maybe it will be better after blocking?

I've knitted some on the India Stole as well, but not as much as I'd like. I'm almost done with the fourht chart, out of twelve in total (well, actually there are only six charts, but as I've cast on provisionally, I knit those six charts again to make the other half of the stole). I love, love, love the pattern and the yarn, I just don't have the energy to focus on those charts when I get home from work!

Last weekend we had a really thorough cleaning session in our apartment, which was way overdue. And this weekend is looking to be busy as well, but with lots of fun stuff instead. Tomorrow me and Thomas are going to our friends Jenny and Tomas (nice coinsidence, right) for dinner, which is going to be so much fun! Jenny moved to Amsterdam this past March, and I haven't seen her since. Our great friend Klara and her boyfriend Micke is also coming, and as Klara has been living in Liverpool for the past year I haven't seen her since March or so either. I miss them both so much, they are two of my best friends, and it's going to be awesome to get to see them!

On Saturday me and my friend Anna are going to visit Ulrika for a knit-night. Hopefully Lovisa will be able to come too, but she got sick today so it's not certain. I haven't seen any of those girls in forever either, as my health isn't really top notch (as you all probably know by now), so it's going to be a very fun-filled evening as well.

Me and Thomas are also going out to the cabin on Saturday, earlier in the day, to do some slight fixing. The last time we were there (which was almost two weeks ago, as the weather haven't been too good and we're too tired to go in the evenings after work), Thomas found a BAT in the attic! I'm sort of terrified of bats, so it's going to be a hassle to get it out! Bats are also a protected species here in Sweden, as they are becoming more and more endangered, so we can't just set a trap for it. If it's just the one I guess we could leave it, but there might be more!

I'll leave you with two photos of my latest finished objects, as promised. I'm sorry about the somewhat pale photo of the Owls sweater, but as it's been pouring douwn here today I had to get a flash photo.

The photo of the Guinevere gloves is better:

Both these FO's make me long somewhat for a bit colder weather, so I can wear them!

/ Jenny


Jane said...

Beautiful fos!

Virginia said...

We had a bat in our house once. Our cat took care of it for us. :)

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

Your owls sweater is just gorgeous! It fits you PERFECT! Way to show off those curves! :D And of course the gloves are gorgeous, but I can always rely on you to turn out gorgeous gloves. hehe

I hope the weekend turns out as fun as you expect it to be! Chris and I are off to Charlotte this weekend and I'm hoping IT will be as fun as we expect!! <HUGS!L

Erin Wallace said...

Those gloves are amazing! And I was thinking your stitches looked so nice before I read that youthought they were sloppy. We knitters are so hard on our knitting!

xo Erin