Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sickdays equals finishing-days!

Yeah, my stomach is acting up again. I'm eating hormones to treat something completely different, and it seems like these pills are not getting along with my stomach. At all. I feel like I haven't worked a whole week since November (I have, but it doesn't feel like it)! I had a vacation day on Monday, and then my stomach started spazzing out, so for these past two days I've mostly been horizontal on the couch. No fun at all!

But! I managed to do some knitting after all. Some days, when it's really bad, I feel to lousy to even knit, but yesterday I managed to get some knitting done in the afternoon at least. And I finished my Ill Met by Moonlight socks!

I think I told you that they are a little bit on the big side, but that's ok. I was afraid that I would run out of yarn for a while, but I had nearly 10 grams left over, so that was fine. I really like them, and they were a fun knit!

I also cast on new stuff this week. On Monday I started Sofie's Slouch, a hat I'm making for my mom. I'm making it in KnitPicks Stroll, colourway Saphire Heather, and holding the yarn double. It's looking really good so far!

Mom requested a blue slouchy hat a while ago, and I'm hoping to get this done fairly quickly. We still have lots and lots of snow and cold here, but you never know how long the winter will last. Next week is spring break week, and as my sister is a teacher she gets some days off. She's going home to visit our parents, and I hope I can finish the hat and send it with her.

Today, as I had kitchenered the toe on the Ill Met socks, I decided to start a new pair of socks too. I'm already working on the Vanilla Bean socks in the stripy KnitPicks Felici yarn, but I really want a pair of more complicated socks on the go as well. After much picking and choosing, I settled on the Gördes socks by Hunter Hammersen.

I'm making them in Shibui Knits sock yarn (100 % superwash merino, 175 m/50 g) in the colourway Periwinkle, and so far I like the yarn. It's been a while since I made socks without nylon in them, but since it's plied so tightly I can't really tell the difference. I'm not hard on socks at all, so I have no problem with wearing socks without nylon.

I got some more yarn this week too! First, the two skeins I got from MarigoldJen before Christmas finally arrived. It's her BFL sock yarn (75 % wool/25 % nylon, 425 m/100 g), and the colourway is called Apple of Megan's Eye. 

This colour is specially dyed for the Stockinette Zombies, and I think there are only about 70 skeins of each weight yarn in each colour (this is Megan's colour. There is also an Amy colour, Punky Plum, and Jen dyed in sock weight and Worsted weight). The skeins were available for preorder for just a couple of hours before they were all sold out, and I managed to snag me two of them. In March there will be a KAL with the yarn, and I think I'm going to make a pair of Laris Designs gloves. I just haven't decided on which yet!

I also got my first club shipment in the Cookie A Sock club this week, and this yarn is amazing! I think most members have gotten theirs by now, but I'm just warning you about spoilers ahead.

The yarn is Indigo Dragonfly MCN Sock yarn (80 % merino/10 % cashmere/10 % nylon, 344 m/100 g), and the colourway is called E Pluribus Nom Nom Nom (Out of Many Jars, One Cookie). I LOVE this yarn! It is one of the softest sock yarns I have ever felt, and the emerald green is just perfect! I'm not over the moon for any of the two patterns this month, so I'll probably make something else with it. It's just so pretty I have a hard time deciding on which pattern would make it justice!

I also got a project bag with the shipment, and I think it's the same as the previous years (with the exception of the year printed on it, of course). 

And two cookie recipes as well, which I'll definitely try to make. It shouldn't be too hard to substitute the wheat flour for gluten free flour, I usually do that when I bake without too much trouble. I'll do that when my stomach has settled down a bit though, right now I'm not really in the mood for cookies at all!

Ok, now I'm going to watch some podcasts and maybe knit some more too. And possibly dare to have lunch!

/ Jenny

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