Saturday, February 23, 2013

Club yarn and a HO

I thought I'd start with my HO (that's a Half-finished Object, for those of you who didn't know). Yesterday I finished the afterthought heel on the Flecktone socks I'm making in the self-striping Four Seasons Gründl yarn.

The sock is very pretty, and I really love the stripes and the muted colour changes, but I'm not a huge fan of the yarn. It's a little bit fuzzy, especially for an ordinary superwash wool/nylon sock yarn. And it's a little bit scratchy. I just hope it will improve with some wash and wear. I'll use them even if they don't soften up very much, as I'm not too sensitive about my feet, but I won't buy the yarn again. The heel and overall fit of the sock is much better with this one, compared to the Vanilla Bean socks I finished recently, so I think I've learned how long I have to knit from the heel before I start the toe decreases. I am contemplating going back and lengthening the Vanilla Bean socks, but I don't know if I can be bothered since it's a bit of a hassle to find the right place in the yarn again.

I also got some yarn in the mail yesterday, the February shipment in the 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon sock club from The Knitting Goddess.

The colourway is called Fly the Flag, and the pattern that goes with it is called Eponine and is from the Les Miserables movie. I really like both the yarn and the pattern, but I'm not sure I'll get around to making them very soon. I think the yarn will go in the stash for a while, as I have s lot of stuff planned for March. The yarn is The Knitting Goddess 4 ply Merino Nylon sock, by the way.

Last week I also cast on for the Mandala II shawl, but I've made very little progress.

It's made with Madelinetosh lace yarn, in the colourway Rose, and it's looking very good so far. I've finished the first chart, and I think I'll have to switch to a circular needle soon. It feels good to have some lace on the needles again! I'm planning on knitting a bit on it this weekend too.

Otherwise I've mostly been knitting on the Julissa sweater this week, and I've made about half of the first sleeve:

I still really enjoy working with the Wollmeise DK yarn, and it smells sooo good! It's a huge change from working with the Madelinetosh Pashmina, which had a slight smell of vinegar. I was actually wondering why I had a craving for salt & vinegar chips every time I was knitting with the yarn! I really want to finish the Julissa soon, so I get to wear it a bit before it gets too warm. Not that that seems very likely though, we still haven't had any days without negative temperatures here. Still in the midst of winter! Hopefully March will be warmer.

I haven't touched the Gördes socks in a week or so, but maybe I can work a little bit on them this weekend too. I also have plans this weekend to make some of the cookies from the Cookie A sock club that I got a while ago. I'm not a baker at all, in all honesty I'm not a kitchen person (Thomas does all the cooking in this house), but as I got these recipes I'm actually feeling a bit motivated.

Oh: Chili Gredelin has decided to finally close her shop for good (there hasn't been an update in ages, so I'm not surprised, although it is sad), so today she started her clearance sale. She has some lovely yarn, and I of course managed to snag some skeins. They'll be here next week, so I'll tell you more about them then.

Finally, I also found a new to me Swedish yarn dyer that I had to try out! Go check out Friday Studios, she has lots of gorgeous self-striping yarns! One of them is on it's way to me too...

/ Jenny

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