Saturday, February 02, 2013

I love yarn clubs!

It's just so much fun to have stuff arriving in the mail all the time! Right now I'm actually in four different clubs, but I only have one more shipment from the Sheepy Time Knits Time Traveler club (which will be arriving in March), and two more from Mad Color Fiber Arts Geeky tour club (which will be arriving in February and March). Then it's the rest of the year with The Knitting Goddess and Cookie A :)

I do think I might join in for a second round with mad Color Fiber Arts though. I got the first shipment in that club a couple of days ago, and it is lovely! But first, I need to remind you of what I got from Sheepy Time Knits about two weeks or so ago:

This colourway is called the Medusa Cascade. It's really pretty, and I love how Mandy interpreted the colour inspirations. Then the yarn arrived from Mad Color Fiber Arts:

This is Shiny (70 % wool/30 % silk, 342 m/110 g). The collourway? ALSO Medusa Cascade! Isn't that a funny coincidence? The colours are completely different, and I love them both, so I'm very happy. This will probably also be more socks in the future.

I actually had two more packages arriving in the mail this week, but in my defence one of them was ordered right after Christmas. Sometimes it just takes a while for stuff to get here from the States. I ordered a stitch light from Buffy Ann Design, which is a little light that you put around your neck and direct at the knitting. 

Thomas always complains when I use the spotlight next to the couch, as he gets a glare from it in the TV screen when playing games. I hope this will suit him better. I like it just fine, even though it takes a little fiddling to get it pointed right.

The other package I got was from Garnkorgen, and contained three DPN holders that I really needed. I've been knitting so much stuff on DPN's simultaneously lately that my two older holders weren't enough. Now I have five, which is more than enough.

In that package I also got three super cute buttons:

I have no idea when I'll use them, but they were just too cute to resist. Tiny sheep!

This week seems like it has been a long one, and I haven't got a lot of knitting done. I did put the sleeves on the Grey Havens sweater, and I've knit almost one repeat of the chart pattern above it.

It is looking really good, and I really want it done so I can wear it! I'll probably try to get as much done on it as I can this weekend, as we don't have any real plans. Thomas is leaving on Sunday to be gone the whole of next week, with work, so I'll probably get some done next week too.

I also decided that I really needed a new work knit, since I finished the Aquaphobia socks. So the other day I cast on for a pair of Vanilla Bean socks, in my KnitPicks Felici yarn.

The colourway is called Time Traveler, and contains the colours of Doctor Who's scarf, and I keep it in my Doctor Who box bag from JessaLu to keep the theme going. I really like these socks, they are super easy. However, I'll make my first afterthought heel on these, which will be exciting! I have no clue how to make one, but I guess I'll be able to find tons of tutorials online.

Other than that I haven't touched my other projects. The Ill Met by Moonlight socks could really need some love, and I think I'll try to finish those once the sweater is done. And my Julissa sweater that I'm making with Wollmeise DK has actually started whispering my name some evenings now. But I think I want to finish Grey Havens first. 

Now it's time for lunch, and then maybe a short walk outside as we're actually having sunshine today!

/ Jenny


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Me too! This year I am only in Mad Color, I picked the steampunk option this time, so did not get the Medusa Cascade....and Nerd Girls Random Fandom..funny another blog I read, also got both Medusa Cascade's too...funny...

CJ @ Knitworked Yarns said...

I've been knitting on/off for about 10 years but only recently become more serious with it.. thank you for bringing up yarn clubs! I'm going to go look up some Canadian yarn clubs!

Olivia McCoy said...

I love the Doctor Who and Firefly names! And SUCH lovely colors! I want to order some too!