Saturday, May 08, 2010

I survived!

Today I had my endoscopy exam, and it was a lot easier than I thought. I got a lot of tranquillizers before the procedure, so I was sort of high as a kite once they started (even though I was awake the whole time). It was not very pleasant to get a tub stuck down your throat, but the whole thing took about 10 minutes or so. They didn't see anything unusual with the camera, but they took lots of biopsies from the intestines, and I'll get the results from those in a month or so.

I have been so stressed out about this procedure for the past few days I've hardly been able to think straight! So to cheer myself up today when I got back home (still sort of high, he he), I went ahead and started looking for some fun yarn to cheer me up. While I was browsing, my grandmother called, and she felt so sorry for me that I had to go through that procedure that she offered to sponsor some yarn for me :) So then I could actually look at the quality yarns and not just the cheapo ones, and as luck would have it I managed to score myself some Wollmeise Lace yarn in their weekly shop update. Let me tell you: That shop is a warzone when it's updated! I don't know how many times I got shut out due to too heavy traffic, until I finally landed two skeins of lace yarn in my shopping cart! I have no idea what colour they will be, other than that they are semi-solids, so it will be a huge surprise! I just hope the shipping is fast!

Last night while I was hanging out by myself in front of the TV, trying to think about something other than the exam today, I browsed Etsy for hand-dyed yarns. Boy, are they expensive! Which is understandable, of course, as it is a lot of work to actually get nice colours. But the high prizes plus shipping from the States ment that it was a bit too much for me. Then I found the Chopped Tomatoes shop, which is located in the UK. And I LOVE their yarns! So today three skeins from that shop went into my shopping bag as well, two purple ones (I've actually been meaning to buy me some purple lace yarn for a while, as I have none), and one skein in a gorgeous (I hope) redish-brownish-purple colour. Oh, how I hate having to wait for mail!

Now I think my pizza is done in the oven, and as I haven't eaten for almost 17 hours now, I'm sort of hungry...

/ Jenny


Allison said...

Yarn always cheers me up too!

Leander Mutsaers said...

Good to hear the procedure was less horrible then expected, better then the other way around. Now some powerknitting to get the stress out and enjoy the medicine induced high :P

The Knitwit Knitter said...

Glad the endoscopy exam wasnt to hateful! Yarn shopping does make things better.

Sarah said...

I think you have one of the most epic stashes of yarn of any person I know. lol Maybe one day I'll get to roll around in it like you did in your tub? hehehe

Glad it cheered you up , and I'm glad all is well. Hopefully you'll have some answers soon. :)