Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The thick socks are finally finished!

Yes, it's true! I began knitting ont them in august, and just found them boring, and the yarn was no super-hit either. But yesterday Anna came here and had lunch (for three hours!), and we knitted for a while. I picked them up, and yesterday evening I finally finished them! I can't believe it took me so long, especially as they knit up superfast with that bulky yarn. I think I'm going to give them to my grandmother in November, as she turns 70 then.

Me wearing the finished socks
The socks from the backside
The socks from the front side

Today I had planned to go to a knitting café, but I'm really coming down with a cold. My nose is runny, I think I might have a fever, and my whole body aches a bit. Granted, I was at aerobics yesterday, but I don't think it's training ache. So I'm staying home tonight instead, just drinking tea and watching crappy TV. Actually, right now it's amazing TV: One of the swedish channels is sending reruns of my alltime favourite TV-show, American Dreams. I just love that series, and I was so sad to see it cancelled after only three seasons! The first season was released on DVD, which I of course own, but the two following seasons were not, so I only have them recorded from the swedish TV airings. When this episode is done I think I'll watch some Buffy (which is another series I own the whole box of! I love it!).

I thought I would also tell you about the zombie-book I read a while ago, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Let me tell you: It really stunk! I generally like zombie-lit, but I just couldn't get over the rest of the story. I've actually never read any Jane Austen before, and I can promise I never will either. That was not my cup of tea! Right now I'm re-reading Robert Silverberg's Majipoor aga, a sci-fi/fantasy series of books, and I think they are so-so. I can hardly wait until November, when a new Stephen King comes out. He is another of my all-time favourite authors, I use to tell folks that I would probably marry him if he promised to always write for me... The Dark Tower books are probably the best I've ever read!

I think I'll leave you with a final book recomendation: Max Brooks' World War Z. It is probably also one of the best books I've ever read, and I think almost anyone would appreciate it, even if you don't normally like zombie-lit. It's a series of interviews with survivors from the great zombie war, and I think it might almost just as well have been about surviviors from Vietnam or WWII. It's just so amazing and beautifully written, and I can't wait until he writes something else!

Now American Dreams is over, so I have to get up and change discs in the DVD player! Buffy is the shit!

/ Jenny

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Nalamienea said...

Your socks are SO Cute and I covet them!! I wish I could get inspired to knit socks!! :)