Thursday, October 22, 2009

Another long week

I've been a little slow on posting on the blog, but I thought I would write a little today. I decided to make something from my four skeins of Löve Symfoni yarn, the green and brown 100 % merino wool I bougth at the sewing festival supercheap.

I thought I would try to make a small cardigan/bolero from the directions on the Tant Kofta blog, from the top down. I found that I was one skein short, so it still only has one arm, but otherwise it was a really fast knit. If I'd had the final skein I think I would have finished it today. I haven't gotten around to taking any photos of it yet, but I promise I'll show it when it's finished. I'll order more of the yarn as soon as I getmy paycheck, which should be due tomorrow.

I also cast on for the Kingdom Gloves from, in my pink Drops Alpaca yarn... This turned out to be a disastrous match! The cables looked awful, I think it was because the yarn was a bit too fuzzy. So I ripped them out, and tonight I will start them again with my Zitron Nobelsse yarn that has 70 % merino / 30 % silk in it instead. I did a little swatch yesterday evening, and it looked so much better! I have found another glove pattern at Garnstudio that I will probably make from the alpaca yarn instead.

I've also started to ponder over what I'll make from my super bulky Eco Alpaca from Viking yarns? I want to make it into a nice, thick winter scarf for myself, but I'm not sure what pattern I should use? I have two skeins in different colours (one white, one nougat), so I'm thinking some sort of stripes.

Other than knitting, I haven't done much this week. My depression has come roaring back after I quit my pills, so this Tuesday I went to the doctors. She didn't think that this was just my body trying to get used to not having anti-depressants in it, so she suggested that I start taking them again. Which I've done, but it can take up to a month before they start giving the desired effect... So I've worked a lot from home, and cried a lot as well. Hopefully I'll feel better soon, I'm just so tired of feeling like this! I'm also going to get some counceling this fall, which I also hope will help. Depressions suck!

Yesterday I had a fun afternoon anyhow, me and Anna went on a mini shopping-spree (we bought some buttons for a sweater for me and a hat for Anna), and looked at some lovely yarns. And afterwards we went to a knitting café and just chatted some. It is so nice to have friends to talk to, and Anna is really great! It's so funny, because we've only known each other for like a month, but we get along so great already! I guess we just have a lot of stuff in common.

Now I'll try to read some more about macrofages and granulomas, as I'm trying to write a summary for my co-superwisor so that we can decide what projects I'm going to start working on. Yey!

I'll try to take some pictures of my WIPs and of the very nice buttons I bought til next time!

/ Jenny


Anna said...

It is so nice to read about your life and thoughts, even though it's sad that you are not feeling all that well. I'm cheering on you and I'm here for you anytime you want or need me! :) It really was a super nice afternoon and evening! We should definitely have more of those! I think it was a good idea to switch yarn and pattern with the cables and the alpaca yarn, and I'm very curious to see what it looks like now! Looking forward to seeing you on saturday, I think it will be only me coming...but I can talk for two (at least!)! :)

Nalamienea said...

Depressions definitely suck but I'm glad that it seems as if you're coping well with them. :)

I can't wait to see pics of your wips! You know how I love been snoopy. hehe I'm excited about our knit picks order!! I have a few I'll want to tack on too for some xmas knitting and I can't wait to get on that! :)