Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm on fire!

I've been having a cold for most of this week, and worked from home to avoid giving it to my co-workers as well. Which means I've gotten a lot of knitting done too (as I've actually been a bit sick I don't feel guilty about knitting during the day :). So I've finished my Ishbel scarf! It's really beautiful, and is blocking right now.

I thought that I would use almost two whole skeins of the Kunstgarn, but I actually didn't even use up one whole skein. I guess I've knitted on very small needles (2 mm) for the yarn. The scarf is about 120 cm wide, which is a bit small, but I will use it as a scarf and not a shawl, so it suits me fine. I just wonder what I'll make with my other two skeins of this wonderful yarn? I guess I've told you before, but this is my new favourite yarn! I thought I had become somewhat of a yarn snob, and not liking acrylics anymore, but this yarn I love. It has 75 % superwash wool, and 25 % nylon, and I don't care at all! I love it.

I guess I have to start a new project tonight too. I'm not really sure what it will be, but probably a pair of gloves of mittens for me. It is starting to get really cold here now, with frost during the nights, and I could really need some new gloves. I have some gorgeous pink Alpaca yarn that I've been planning to make gloves from, so I guess this might be the next thing for me. I also bought one of Charlene Schurch's sock books, and I really have to make myself some beautiful socks soon, too. I also have some more shawls planned, which I might also start some time soon. Or a really thick and chunky winter scarf for myself? I'll have to think about this for a while, I think!

/ Jenny


Anna said...

Or, you do as I always do and start M A N Y projects at the same time!!! That way you can alter between them and always have something different to switch to! And, you will never have any finished projects because you're always starting new ones instead... Hm... Maybe not. Pick one, Pick one, Pick O N L Y one!!!

kate said...

I love your Ishbel! It's beautiful! Did you knit the small or large version? It looks like you did the large lace, but I can't really tell!