Thursday, May 30, 2013

There will definitely not be three FO's in May!

But I'm ok with that. I finished the House Targaryen socks on Sunday, and I'm super happy with them!

Like I said last time, they are made with Fibernymph Dye Works Bedazzled yarn, and they are super soft. I wore them at work on Monday, and as most of my colleagues had seen them while they were in progress I got a lot of comments on them too.

As I finished the socks, I of course had to start a new mindless project, so I went upstairs to wind the Mind the Gap yarn from Trailing Clouds into a ball. I have never had such a tangly skein! It took me almost two hours to get a decent, centre-pull ball! Then on Monday I cast on, and I decided to make up my own pattern with some slipped stitch columns. The yarn just did not want to play with any kind of pattern. The fabric looked really loose, and it just wasn't nice. Finally I gave up, and on Tuesday morning I frogged the whole thing and started a plain vanilla sock instead.

I've knit a lot on it at work yesterday and today, and now I'm finally enjoying them. The stripes are really fun, and I think I'm almost ready to make a heel. I'll make an afterthought heel on these as well, so as not to disturb the striping.

I've also knit some on the Parcel sweater, and I'm just finished with the bust increases. I think it's almost time to divide for sleeves.

I'm enjoying this knit a lot, and I can't wait to wear the finished sweater. Although that will probably be a while, as summer is about to start. At least I hope it is, as we've been having completely dreary weather here for a couple of days now. It's way too cold to be June this weekend!

Finally, today I got a very nice package in the mail, from Garnkorgen. I had ordered it myself, so it wasn't a surprise, but it's still nice to get yarn in the mail. I got two skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash, in the colourway Dark Teal:

It's 100 % superwash wool, 200 m/100 g, and I'm going to make a baby cocoon for my friend who just had her first baby boy. I was originally going to make it from some leftovers from my stash, but it turns out that I don't really have a lot of superwash yarn in my stash. And Cascade is pretty cheap, and I know that it's soft and nice, so that's what I got.

I also got one more skein of undyed sock yarn, this time Shoppel-Wolle Admiral Stränge:

It's 75 % superwash wool/25 % nylon, 420 m/100 g. As it doesn't have the bamboo in it that my last undyed yarn had, this is a lot softer and nicer. I'm not going to dye it up immediately, but maybe during my summer vacation. That doesn't happen until the end of July though, so it will probably marinate in the stash for a while.

Oh, and on June 29th this blog is turning four years old! I'll be back before then, but I'm just giving you a heads-up that there will be celebrations and give-aways! Stay tuned!

/ Jenny

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