Thursday, May 09, 2013

It's been a whole week!

I have been so good with posting regularly this year, I'm kind of surprised that I've let a whole week go by without! I have just been busy with work, and had a lot of other stuff to do too, so I've been a bit too tired in the evenings to feel inspired to write. But today I have the day off (it's another national holiday today. We have a lot of those in the spring), and nothing special planned, so I thought I would update you all!

First of all, I'm getting new glasses. I have had a lot of headaches in the evenings lately, and usually when I get like that it means that my eyes have changed again. They do that about once every fourth or fifth year, and then it's time to get a new prescription. I've been trying out new frames for about a week now, and I've finally decided. I'm getting one regular pair and one pair of sunglasses. 

These frames are just the ones that you get to borrow from the optician to try out, mine will of course not have all those stickers on. And please excuse the goofy phone photos, I was home alone and couldn't ask Thomas to help me :)

I haven't been doing a ton of knitting, but I did finish the Carousel socks the other day.

They were fun to knit, but I really don't like the yarn. My sister said that all the dark colours looked sad and morose, and I agree. The pale lilac (which looks almost white in the photos) isn't happy enough to brighten the socks up. Plus, all those picked up stitches that run around all the spiralling makes the sock pretty uncomfortable to walk on. And I managed to get one sock a little bit too large, and the other one a little bit too small! So I think I'll knit another, nicer pair for my mother instead, and these will just end up in the pile of socks I don't wear much (that pile is fortunately very small). They were very cool to knit though, I had a lot of fun, and the technique was very smart.

I also got some yarn in the mail yesterday, the May shipment in the Hunger Games yarn club from Friday Studios.

The yarn is the Monday base (75 % superwash wool/25 % nylon), and the colourway is called Girl on Fire. I love this one too, and I'm so glad I joined this club! We also got some lip balm (Which is called TrackerJack Anti Venom!) and some stickers, and I love that we get a little bit of extras with every shipment. 

I hope Frida starts a new club once this one is finished!

I'm also still waiting for my first shipment in the next round of the Doctor Who club from Mad Color Fiber Arts, but apparently there had been a mix-up and she had missed my order. The yarn is coming, but it might take a little bit longer. I don't mind though, Heather was sooo nice about it and sent me a very apologetic message on Ravelry, and I completely understand that mistakes happen. We're all human, and as long as the mistake is fixed (and with such a nice message to go with is), it's fine. Just makes me want to buy more from the shop, as you can't beat good customer service!

And since we last spoke, I have actually knit a lot on my Gördes socks!

I'm almost done with the first leg, I think I might start the heel flap today. I love how these are turning out, the yarn (Shibui Knits sock yarn) is very nice to work with and the pattern is a lot of fun. Especially now that I'm getting used to the chart symbols. I wonder if they would fit my mom? I'm going home to visit next weekend, but I doubt they will be finished by then. But maybe the first one will, so she can at least try them on. I thin she would wear these a lot more than the Carousel ones.

I've also knit a bit on the Parcel sweater, and it's coming along nicely. I've done half of the waist decreases, and I really want to finish this one soon. I like knitting with the yarn (Drops Garnstudio Lima), but I also find myself in the mood for some Wollmeise DK again. But I don't like having two sweaters going at the same time, so I need to finish this one first.

Other than that the past week has been filled with work, and a lot of stupid stomach issues. I'm hoping that it is slowly getting better though, so cross your fingers for that! Last weekend Thomas' brother Adam moved to a new apartment, so all of the five brothers were in town to help. We went out for dinner on Saturday evening, which was really nice. My sister joined us too, and it is really nice to spend time with her. Since we moved from Linköping we really don't see each other as often, and at the end of the summer she is moving away too, to get closer to her work. It's still only a two hour drive away, but I'm still a little bit sad about it. It will be good for her though!

Now I think it's time for breakfast, and then I think I'll go outside before the predicted rain gets here. I'll try not to let a whole week go by before I post again!

/ Jenny

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Frida/Friday Studios said...

I am so glad you like the Hunger Games Shipment! I have so much fun putting them together. :)