Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I just lost my mojo...

First off, I went to Linköping yesterday to buy some more Drops Karisma, and I came home with an extra skein of sock yarn too. This time I at least chose a more sensible skein (for me), and picked a solid black one. This is Austermann Step, the same as the crazy pink one I bought a week ago.

That was the good news. Today, I've been home from work with a badly behaving stomach, and I've been knitting on the Companion Cube for most of the day. I finished it, wove in all the ends, and decided I wanted to try cutting one of the seams open before blocking it, so it could lie flat and dry faster. I did a securing seam down each side of the steek stitches, using the blanket stitch as recommended when steeking superwash wool. It looked really good!

Then I cut it. And disaster ensued!

I feel so incredibly stupid for not thinking of this, but of course you can't use three colours when steeking! Then you obviously have one long float stranding behind the steek stitches, and I cut this one as well. Which meant that the stitches attached to each side of those floats promptly unraveled. Yay. So I think I just have to throw the whole thing in the trash! And now I don't know if I have time to make a new one before Christmas. I ordered some Cascade 220 today instead (which isn't superwash!), and I think I'll just duplicate stitch the pink stitches in afterwards this time. If I find the energy to start it again. Right now I just want to cry, but I can't even complain to Thomas because it's supposed to be a surprise for him!

Ok, I'll just knit on the Faramir socks for the rest of the night now.

/ Jenny

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Leander Mutsaers said...

Oh no so sorry to see the experiment fail :(. Hope it doenst stop you from ever trying again. Also on something you cannot share with your husband. Hope the next test will work better.