Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm back baby!

Sometimes I love my husband just a little bit more than usual. Especially when he fixes my computer, so now I've got access to blogger again! Yay! So now you can comment again, if you want to.

Since I finished the huge Urdr shawl for my mother-in-law I've mostly knit on the Austin hoodie. It's coming along very nicely, I'm already done with all of the body and half-way through the first sleeve. Then it's just the second sleeve and the hood left, so I think this one might be finished pretty soon. I'm really looking forward to wearing it!

A while ago I got a very nice message on Ravelry from stitchdiva studio. They were asking if they could use my photo of my Silken Scabbard sweater on their pattern site! I feel very honoured, so I had to go take some new, outdoors photos (well, Thomas took the photos, I just posed).

They are now on the pattern website as well :)

/ Jenny


Grace said...

Hooray for your fixed computer and having your photos choosen! The sweater looks great!

scrapperjen said...

That is thrilling! :) Lovely sweater.