Saturday, November 02, 2013

Well, I'm knitting a little bit again

It's been almost a month again, but at least I've picked up my needles a little bit again. I've started knitting some on my rainbow socks that I showed you last time, but I still haven't finished the first one so I have no new photos. Those were supposed to be my October stripy socks, so now I guess I'll have to try and finish two pairs in November, to get all twelve pairs done this year. We'll see, it won't be a disaster if I don't finish all of them, I'll still have at least ten pairs of new striped socks for this year!

I have also picked up the Parcel sweater, and as of today I've finished half of the second sleeve. Then it's just the neck band left, and it will be done! Maybe I can even get to wear it once or twice before my stomach gets too big.

I am enjoying the sweater a lot, and I'll probably cast on for another sweater or cardigan as soon as this one is done. Probably a cardigan, as it will be more and more difficult to try the sweaters on for size as I grow. I haven't decided what pattern I want to make yet though, we'll see.

I got some yarn in the mail last week too. First I got the October shipment in the 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon yarn club:

It's a skein of sock yarn, as usual, from the Knitting Goddess, and the colourway is called Fun Fur. I had absolutely no idea from which movie the inspiration came, but someone on Ravelry told me it's from the Gruffalo. That's a movie I haven't seen, so this one was hard for me to guess. I really like the brown colour though, so I don't really mind.

Last weekend I went to have coffee and cake with Anna, my knitting friend, and her fiancé Peter. It was such a good time, we haven't seen each other since early this summer, and we knitted and chatted for several hours. She offered to make me a crochet baby blanket! So I ordered some yarn for that this week as well, which all arrived on Thursday. I got five skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash, in the colourways Lake Chelan Heather, Marionberry, Wasabi and White:

She's going to make a granny square blanket for me (or rather for the baby), and I'll try to get the yarn to her this week. I really like the yarn, and the colours will be perfect. Neither boyish nor girly.

And finally, I have been teaching my co-worker Sanna (yes, she has the same name as my sister, it's very confusing) to knit! She has a real talent for it, she started with just a swatch to learn knitting and purling, and then moved on to a pair of cuffs with a kind of fish bone pattern to them. She finished super fast!

She is going to sew them to a pair of leather gloves, which I think will look very pretty. The yarn is a skein of Cascade 220, in a grey heather colour, and she has almost half of it left. Now she wants to move on to a cabled head band, so on Monday I'm bringing her a cable needle so I can teach her to knit cables. So much fun!

Other than that not much seems to happen here, except that my stomach is growing. I've been working for all of October, which seems to be working well for me, and even though the nausea is still there, the rest of the stomach issues are much better. I really hope the nausea will go away too, but I don't have much hope. I'll survive though. I'll try to not write a lot here about the pregnancy, since this is a knitting blog, but I suspect you'll get to see some baby knitting here soon!

/ Jenny

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