Sunday, July 07, 2013


It's time to draw some winners! I'm doing this very early today, as we're having some people over for swimming and barbecue around lunch. Thank you all so much for commenting on my last post! It's been so much fun reading through all of them and getting some nice recommendations for new things to read and watch. But out of the 20 commenters, only seven of you get to win. I first lined up all the participants, with extra posts for those who follow my blog and for those who told other people about the give-away. All in all I got 30 posts, and then I used to generate seven winners. And they are as follows:

1) Number 22, which is Crouchingcheese. She recommended any book by Orson Scott Card,  and I have to admit that I actually listened to my very first OSC book this spring (The Lost Boys). It was amazing, and I'm definitely going to read more from him! Crouchingcheese wished for the Jitterbug yarn, so that's what he/she'll get!.

2) Number 7, which is Victoria. She recommended the TV show Hannibal, which I haven't seen, so I'll check that one out. Victoria wished for the Nancy Bush book, so that will be coming her way.

3) Number 3, which is Sarah (The Student Knitter). She recommended the Game of Thrones books and TV-show, which I've of course read and seen, but it's a fabulous recommendation. She wished for any of the prizes, so she'll get the Cascade 220 superwash yarn.

4) Number 11, which is Chelsea W. She recommended Burn Notice, which I've seen some of and always thought I would continue with some day. She wished for the Rowan Silk Wool, so that will be going to her.

5) Number 19, which is Lakchi. She also recommends Game of Thrones (a lot of people did, and I completely understand why. It's a great book and a great TV show). She wished for the Jitterbug, but as that's already taken she will get a random prize, which will be the Addi needles.

6) Number 16, which is Sarah. She recommends Arrested Development, which we are actually currently watching through. She wished for the Jitterbug yarn or the ChiaoGoo Needles, so she'll get one pair of needles (as the Jitterbug yarn is already taken).

7) Number 13, which is Ashleah. She recommended the books Mists of Avalon, which I love too, the podcast Yarnivore, which I've yet to listen to, and the TV-series Defiance, which I've only seen one episode from and kind of like so far. She wished for the Rowan yarn first, which is already gone, so she'll get her second choice which was a pair of ChiaoGoo needles.

Ok, I would like all of the winners to contact me, either on Ravelry (I'm jench24 there) or via email (jenny(dot)m(dot)clifford(@)gmail(dot)com), with your names and adresses, and I'll get the prizes sent out as soon as I can. I'll try to get them all out this coming week. 

Well this was a lot of fun! I'll probably host another contest once I reach 500 posts, and definitely another one when I get to celebrate my fifth anniversary next year. I don't see myself quitting the blog any time soon!

I'll be back some time this week with a post with actual knitting contents too (I've finished a pair of socks!), but right now I need to get some stuff done before our guests arrive. See  you soon!

/ Jenny


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

Oh Jenny that's so cool! Thank you so much!!

Chelsea W said...

Wow, Thanks!!

Orson Scott Card is an excellent author! I need to read more form him too.