Monday, October 22, 2012

New needles and New yarn!

Last week I spent two days in Uppsala, a city about half-an-hour north of Stockholm, at a conference for work. It was a great conference, with lots of good seminars, nice people and good food. On the first day when me and my co-worker Sanna were taking a walk during lunch, I remembered that the very popular yarn store Yll&Tyll is located in Uppsala, so I called my husband and asked him to find out where it was. It took him about two minutes at the computer (yes I know, I have an OLD cellphone without internet), so he directed us there and I got to bring home some souvenir yarn! I bought four skeins of Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend Fino yarn (70 % Merino/30 % silk, 225 m/50 g) in colourway British 2334:

It's soooo soft, and the silk makes it really shiny and pretty. I haven't decided what to make from it yet, but I'm thinking some kind of cardigan maybe. If I have enough yarn!

Today when I got home from work I had gotten a package in the mail from Grandma's Knit and Crochet that I ordered a while ago. It contained a set of the new ChiaoGoo Spin bamboo interchangeable needles, in the smaller sizes (2.75 - 5.0 mm=):

I love this set! The needle holder is really pretty, and I have several of their needles in fixed sizes already so I know I like them. The set included a needle gauge and two sets of stitch markers as well, and a cable connector to make longer cables.

I am however a little disappointed that the cables weren't the same as on the fixed needles. On those, they have a core of some kind of metal line, and those cables have absolutely no memory! They are completely perfect. The cables in the interchangeable sets are pure plastic, and remind me a lot of KnitPicks' cables (although these are clear, not purple), but one main difference is that these ones swivel independently of the needles. I'm hoping that that means that any memory they might have won't make any difference as the needles swivel when used. I'll let you know once I use them!

I also finished my Bobbie gloves this weekend, that I've made for my mom. I haven't taken any new photos though, as they are currently blocking upstairs, but they turned out really pretty. My parents are coming here for a visit next weekend, so she'll get them then, together with the entrelac cowl I made her last month too. It is really nice to be done with both the cowl and the gloves, yesterday I worked almost exclusively on my Omelet shawl instead. I've missed lace! I haven't gotten any new photos of that one yet, but it still looks like a bunch of wet noodles as it's pretty scrunched up on the needles. I think I am about a quarter done so far, so I won't finish it in October, but hopefully in November.

On the four hour train ride to and from Uppsala I worked a lot on my Serina Cardigan too, and I'm almost ready to take the sleeve stitches off. It looks very pretty with the yarn, at least so far. You'll get to see it next time, I promise!

/ Jenny

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