Sunday, June 10, 2012

Socks in record time!

It took me five days to finish these socks:

Can you believe it! I spent all five of those days doing practically nothing but knit, as I was home sick with a cold, but even so. Five days for two socks!

The pattern is called Pippin Socks, from the Fellowship of the Socks e-book, and I made them in Cascade yarns Heritage Sock yarn, colourway Raspberry. And this has now officially become my new favourite sock yarn! The stitch definition is absolutely incredible, and the colour is awesome! It is so rich and saturated, and the yarn is available in quite a lot of colours as well. And it's pretty cheap too, making it perfect for every day socks. I love this pair, and I have another skein in colourway Spruce, which is a deep teal green.

Since I finished the socks, I've mostly knit on the Ethereal Triangle shawl, and I'm almost half-way through the edging, so I hope to finish it some time next week. Then I might get to wear it on our Midsummer's Eve party :)

I also started a new pair of socks last night, in my other new yarn Opal sock yarn, colourway Powder. I chose the pattern Faramir Socks from the The Road Goes Ever On e-book (also by author Claire Ellen, I really like her!), and I enjoy them a lot too. I haven't got any photos of this sock yet, but so far it's mostly ribbing. I'll get to it next time!

/ Jenny

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Anonymous said...

A pair of socks in 5 days, you must be a devoted and fast knitter.
They look great.