Sunday, November 13, 2011

2.5 FO's

Yep, that's right. My needles have been on fire lately! On Monday I finished the Romy beret that I started last Friday, it was such a quick knit. 144 m of DK yarn and I' very happy with it.

It's made with KnitPicks Capra yarn (merino/cashmere), the same that I used for the Baby Cables dress, and it is incredibly soft and cozy. I'm very happy with it, and as you can see in the photo it matches the Evenstar shawl perfectly (that was made with Wollmeise lace yarn in colourway Sabrina, by the way). The temperatures have started to get lower this week, with below zero nights at least, so it's good to have a warm hat!

Then on Wednesday I finished the Lothlorien socks, from the Enchanted Sole book:

They were made with Malabrigo sock yarn, colourway Lettuce, and I couldn't be more happy with them! The yarn is incredibly soft and the colour is amazing! I'm very glad I bought myself a replacement skein of the Violeta Africana colourway that I gave away to Virginia the other week (the yarn is on its way, by the way!).

And speaking of the give-away yarn: as most of you voted for dyeing the socks, this past Sunday I gave it a shot. I had a lot of KoolAid powder in the Cherry colour, which is bright red, so that's what I chose. I dissolved two packages in a pot with enough water and vinegar to cover the socks, then heated it and dropped the socks in. I let them almost simmer for a while, until all the colour had disappeared from the water, then let the whole thing cool until I could touch the socks without burning my hands. The socks got VERY red:

There is still a difference between the socks, as I suspected there would be. It's not strange, considering that they were different when I put them in the pot, but I think the difference is at least less noticable now, so I'm happy I tried this. I still have my Kai-Mei socks in the original colourway, so I'm happy!

So, that was my 2.5 FO's (as the socks have actually been done for a while before I dyed them). I decided on Friday to cast on for some more socks, as I can't seem to go many days without having a pair on the needles. I chose to start the Ookuru socks, in Marias Garn handpainted sock yarn (75 % superwash wool/25 % bamboo). I've already knitted a pair of socks in this yarn as well, and like them fine even though the yarn is bleeding incredibly when wet, so I wanted to finish it off. As I want to use up all of the yarn, I decided to make the socks toe-up instead of cuff-down as the pattern states, and I'm guessing they will be about knee-high as I have 130 g of yarn left. So far they are pooling A LOT!

But I still like them, I'm just hoping that the other sock will look roughly the same. 

Other than that, this weekend has been spent cleaning and relaxing, which was sorely needed! Today we went out to the cabin to have a look around, but had to turn around as we realized when we parked that we had left the cabin key at home in the apartment...

I hope I'll get back some time next week when my yarn gets here!


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scrapperjen said...

WOW! You are in a knitting frenzy. I love the hat and the socks are gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing!