Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Aten't Dead...

Which, for all of you Pratchett fans, should be obvious what it means. I'm sorry I've been absent for sooo long! Work has been crazy these past two weeks, and my husband has been out of town as well so I've been doing all of the cooking and cleaning by myself, after work. I've just been so tired in the evenings I haven't mustered up the energy to write. My parents were here visiting last weekend as well (both my mom and my sister had their birthdays this week), so the weekend was fairly busy as well. Thomas is finally coming back home tomorrow, and I can't wait to see him!

Thank you all who voted on my sock poll! Although only three of you left me a comment to tell me, so those are the only names I have for the draw of the prize. And what is the prize, you ask me? Well, I've decided to give away one skein of Malabrigio Sock yarn! Colourway: Violeta Africana:

So, do you wanna know who won? The lucky winner is Virginia, from Virinia is for...! Congratulations! I will need your adress (you can e-mail it to me at jenny(.)m(.)clifford(a)gmail(.)com), and then I can send the yarn out at the end of nexxt week (when my paycheck comes in, I'm a bit strapped for cash this week...). 

The poll was a bit weird, as I included the option "depends on what colour", but as that option got three votes, and the "yes absolutely dye the socks" got 4 votes, I guess I'll go ahead and dye them! I will use some of my Koolaid powder, I just need to decide which colour first (I don't even remember which colours I have any more, it's been so long since I looked at them!). But they will get dyed eventually.

I've been knitting a lot though, since I haven't needed to be entertaining in the evenings :) My Baby Cables and Big Ones Too sweater is almost done! I've decided to turn it into a dress/tunic, so it's fairly long. I had to frog a bit of it again though, as I had made the waist too small (which just goes to show you that I don't really have an accurate view of myself yet...), but now it fits me much better. Sadly, as I've been on my own these past few weeks, I haven't had anyone to help me with photos, so you'll have to wait until next week.

I also decided to cast on for a new pair of socks (I know I said I wouldn't but you know me. Abolutely no patience whatsoever...), and I chose the Lothlorien Socks from the Enchanted Sole book by Janel Laidman. I'm knitting them in Malabrigio Sock yarn (colourway Lettuce), but I think this pattern was written for bigger feet than mine! I'm still fairly new at knitting socks from the toe up, so I haven't really learned when to start increasing for the heel, so this sock has been frogged so many times! But now I've finally got it to fit me, even though I had to do A LOT of tweaking to make it so!

Aren't they gorgeous?! At first I wasn't very fond of the yarn, as I thought it was a bit on the stiff side, but the more I've used it (and frogged it, and used it, and frogged it...), the better I like it. I LOVE the colour, and it actually feels really nice on my hands now, so I've adjusted my opinion of it. That's why I've decided to give a skein away, as I'm really thrilled with it! And the purple colour is just so pretty too! So I'm not trying to get rid of something I don't like, rather the opposite.

That's about all of the knitting I've done since I last wrote. I'm really becoming an expert at frogging, at least...

I'l try not to be away for so long this time!

/ Jenny


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

fabulous to see you darlin! I hope maybe on sunday I'll catch you on Skype. :) Everything looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see your sweater dress!

Virginia said...

woo! So exciting that I won! And new yarn... yay!

Love the green socks.

I'm really sorry about all of the frogging you've had to do over the past few weeks. That's annoying.

Can't wait to see the sweater/tunic. :)