Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Knee Socks - And what a nightmare!

I finished the knee-high Wrought Iron Socks today, and the finishing was a real horror! When I made the first sock I decided I would knit it until I had about 50 grams of yarn left, which would mean that I had enough for a second sock. I've learned today that it's apparently a good idea to weigh the full skein before you start. Because this skein of Unplanned Peacock sock yarn must have held more than 100 g, since my 52 g that I had left after the first sock wasn't enough to finish the second one! So yesterday night I had to rip back the entire ribbing, and a little bit of cable pattern on the first sock. I counted how many rows I ripped back, and decided that I had enough yarn to make 10 rows of ribing. This is all the yarn I had left from the entire skein!

So you can see how close I was! I was so nervous, since this yarn is a little bit hard to come by, and I really didn't want to have to buy a whole new skein too. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore this yarn, but I have gone two months now without buying any new yarn, and I'm doing very well with knitting up my stash that I didn't want to break my "yarn diet".

Anyway, the socks are absolutely gorgeous:

No pooling what so ever, and very very soft and squishy! I can't wait to get to wear them with a skirt to show them off! I just have to wait for a bit cooler weather first, we haven't gone into autumn completely yet and I plan to squeeze out every ounce of summer before it does!

Yesterday we had a very nice, warm summer day, and me and Thomas and my sister went to a local farmer's market and bought way too much locally produced veggies. Thomas made roasted root veggies with grilled beef and goat cheese, and it was amazing! Thomas is going to Austria with his work next weekend, but I think I'll probably go back to the market for more vegetables next weekend by myself. We also bought some goat cheese, and I found gluten free swedish cheese pudding (that's a bit hard to explain, it's a very swedish traditional cake/pudding made with whey, milk, eggs, flour and almonds, and you eat it with jam and whipped cream. It's amazingly good, and I haven't seen any gluten free since I got the gluten diagnosis in 1999. So I was quite happy yesterday!

Today we've spent the day on the couch, knitting and playing video games, since the weather isn't very nice today. I'm trying really hard not to knit too much, to spare my arm, but I can't keep off it completely. It's just too much fun, and such a relaxation for me.

I also got about 5 kg of apples from a co-worker of mine the other day, so this afternoon we're going to make apple jam!

/ Jenny


Gracey is not my name.... said...

But worth the nightmare...they are gorgeous!

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

YAY! Go Hokies (socks) !!

Anonymous said...

These things are quite nightmares, but still we are lucky that we can undo and redo and save the work without making any visible signs of the error (seamstresses for example don't have this possibility).

Valerie! said...

Your socks are absolutely gorgeous! You're an inspiration to me :)