Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Those socks look insane, maybe they would look even more crazy if you...

... Add toes to them?"

That's what Thomas suggested last weekend when he saw the crazy, ugly socks.  So I did.

They are actually so crazy looking that I kind of fancy them! I've decided to keep them myself, as I felt that only a mother could love them, but actually I've had requests at work for making more pairs for some of my coworkers. So apparently someone else than me could love them! I'm not sure if I'll make any more of them though, as I really didn't like the yarn (at least not the colour), but it was great fun making the toes. They are fairly comfortable, although a little bulky between the toes where I've picked up stitches, but I haven't washed them yet so they're still pretty stiff. I think I'll soak them tonight, so I can wear them to work on Thursday at least :)

I've also worked a lot on the wedding stole this weekend. Thomas has been in Borås visiting his parents, and as the weather wasn't very nice I've been inside knitting on the stole instead. I'm almost done with chart 4 (out of 12), so almost 30 % done!

It's looking really good so far, the colour is a little pale in the photo. The beads work fabulously too, they add just enough sparkle to make it a bit more festive. It will be so much fun to block it and see how big it gets!

My poor Hokie socks have been put a bit on the back burner the past week. I'm focusing mostly on the stole when I have the opportunity to work on a bit more complicated projects, and I've knitted a lot on the Cotonnettes socks at work as the pattern was so easy I memorized it pretty much at once. Now that the socks are done I guess I'll pick up the St James top as work knitting again.

Work has finally slowed down a bit for me too! I don't know if I told you, but one of the girls at one of the units I'm working at sometimes broke her arm a couple of weeks ago. She really couldn't work at the lab with a cast, so she got on extended sick leave. That meant that I got to work at her place instead, and that unit is the second biggest in the whole county! There is always so much to do there, much more than at the other places I'm usually working at, so I've been pretty beat. But now the other girl is back, meaning I can get back to my regular schedule. More knitting time at work!

Oh, this weekend while Thomas was away I got to visit with Anna! I went to her place for tea and cookies, and it was so nice! I can't even remember when I saw her last, it's been ages! I guess we live too close to each other, plus we chat online pretty often. But it's so much nicer to get to meet in person. We knitted, chatted and had a generally good time. Of course I forgot my camera at home. Don't I always?

Next weekend my parents might visit, as it is my birthday on Monday, and we're thinking of visiting the cabin if the weather allows. I'll be sure to bring my camera then! We need to mow the lawn and probably clean up in the flower beds as well, but I doubt we'll do that this weekend with my parents there. If they decide not to come, I think me and Thomas wil go there alone, do some fixing and just have some relaxation and barbecue.

Ok, now I think I need to get some food in me before I fall asleep. I'll see you next weekend!

/ Jenny


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

oh my gosh how did we miss each other ALL WEEKEND? Well, I did my final final exam exam, so I'll be home all of this week and some of next (at least). If you feel like chatting after work one night, let me know!

scrapperjen said...

I love those socks! They are lots of fun.
The stole looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see it all done.
Happy knitting!

Webmaster said...

Wow. Your socks are so colourful. I want to have a socks like that